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July 11, 1984 Camp Susquehanna & Camp Equinita, New Milford, Pennsylvania 18834

Carnival '84

We celebrated the birthday of the United States in traditional fashion this year by holding our annual Camp Carnival on July 4th. All of the usual carnival booths were in operation, but some evolved (deteriorated) into new events. The "Messenger Service", "Pizza Raffle" and "Guess the number of M&Ms in the jar" were their usual rip-roaring success. Shaving a balloon was not a big enough challenge, so, in honor of all the rain we have had, the unit started selling handfuls of shaving cream for 10�. Campers and staff soon sprouted white puffs all over, and the unit was really making money. Naturally the white stuff needed to be washed off, so waste baskets full of water appeared, and soon screams and splashes filled the air. Part of the money that units made was spent on a pizza party later in the week. At the end of the carnival, Todd set off the roman candles and fountains that he bought on his way to camp this year. Joy passed out sparklers to everyone, and the 4th of July ended in a grand old fashion. As Joy Haynes was heard to remark, "A fine time was had by all."


No, Toots did not have her foal yet, but we have had some other new arrivals this week. Amy Hoover is back at camp after an absence of a few years. She was a camper here in 1979, and arrived late for this season because of a trip to the Jersey shore with her family. Welcome back to the camp family Amy!

Enrique Iturriaga, wandering Venezuelan soccer and tennis player, and sometimes purveyor of medicines to the unfortunate ill of Caracas, arrived Sunday to spend two weeks. Actually, Enrique was a camper here in 1974 and '76, and returned for a visit in 1982. He joined the staff for the second half of that season and for 1983. Enrique attends medical school in Caracas, Venezuela, his home, and this two weeks will be his last vacation until he finishes school. He reports that the only place he could consider spending a vacation was here at camp with all his friends, and we are happy to welcome him back.

Joe Fili, former Head Riding Instructor, and John Stokes, former Head Waterfront Instructor, arrived Wednesday for a few days, but more about them in the next issue of the Lookout. They will be offering some special activities during their visit. Both are graduates of Tom Brown's Tracking School, and they brought two other graduates with them.

The Lookout & Contests

This may be the last issue of The Lookout. No campers have signed up to write articles, and the editor does not have time to write all of them. This is your camp newspaper, and should be written by you. If you want more issues, sign up to write about your activities.

For the first time in history, no one submitted a picture for the "Draw Your Counselor" contest. It is being continued for one more week for those procrastinators among you.

There has been a complaint that the canteen prize did not qualify as a "Big Prize" for the horse names last week. There were seven entries, and the best one had seven wrong. The "Big Prize" was offered for the first correct solution. This school teacher has a hard time accepting 77% as a correct solution. The canteen prize was a token to recognize effort. Had there been a correct solution there would have been a big prize.

Carnival Prizes

Unit #11 raffled off a pizza at the Carnival, and the winner was really Unit #11. Valerie Wolpert won the pizza, but the boys in #11 made enough money for two or three more pizza parties.

Unit #5's contest for guessing the number of M&Ms in a jar was really two contests. Frances Mullen won the peanut M&M's while Holly won the plain ones. Actually Holly admitted that she didn't really guess. She looked at what Rob guessed, then added one more to that. Rob claimed the prize, but by then there weren't too many left as everyone in the office had been eating them.

To all of those who didn't win a carnival prize: Thanks for participating, and better luck next year.

Foal Watch

Toots is still eating for two, but walking around as one. The big event is getting closer every day, though. Holly and Joy are getting the nursery ready, and they have assembled a "foaling kit" containing all the things you need to have right at hand at the time of birth.

Mark Schroder figured out how to use our portable video tape recorder as a monitor, and all that will be set up in the stall. That way we can watch Toots from the tack room when the time gets close but we won't disturb her. Also, by pushing down the "Record" button on the tape deck, we can record the whole process.

Campers and staff will be scheduled to spend nights at the barn until the foal comes, and everyone will have an opportunity to serve on "foal watch".

In the meantime, Holly has been teaching the entire breeding and foaling process to the Horsemanship classes. This will be the biggest extra event at camp since the first moonwalk. It may be bigger because most of camp fell asleep during the moonwalk.

Skit Nights

Saturday night saw the first use of the stage as a theater. Each unit was required to perform a skit being as original as possible. They were not judged this year, but really they were all winners. Units #1 and #11 combined to produce a co-ed skit, and Mark Guenther played guitar and led singing between skits.

Coming soon at the stage will be "Paper Bag Skits". Each unit will be given a paper bag containing a few articles. They will then have to create a skit using those articles. On the same evening we will have a "Staff Skit" requiring the counselors to produce a skit for the rest of the camp.


On Sunday, July 8th, the whole camp went to Montrose, Pennsylvania, to the Endless Mountains Riding Club annual horseshow. We took Moon Lass, Think Positive (Thinker), Toulouse, and Miss Pie Twist. Not everyone rode or was scheduled to ride, but everyone had a great time.

Results were:

Lisa Danetz1st PlaceHunter Over FencesToulouse
Wendy Butcher2nd PlaceHunter Over FencesThink Positive
Jenny Turnham2nd PlaceJunior EquitationMiss Pie Twist
Kate Northrop3rd PlaceHunter Over FencesThink Positive
Molly Northrop3rd PlaceEnglish PleasureToulouse
Molly Northrop4th PlaceHunter Over FencesToulouse
Molly Northrop4th PlaceEquitation on the FlatToulouse
Bonnie Anderson4th PlaceEnglish PleasureMoon Lass
Valerie Wolpert5th PlaceHunter on the FlatMoon Lass
Valerie Wolpert6th PlaceEquitition on the FlatMiss Pie Twist
Jenny Turnham7th PlaceHunter Over FencesToulouse