August 10, 1981 Camp Susquehanna & Camp Equinita, New Milford, Pennsylvania 18834


We had been waiting for it all week. Jim's sign outside the canteen had advertised its coming and we had been looking forward to it with eagerness and aniticipation. Finally, it was here; the annual Gymkhana.

In previous years each rider had been in individual classe, but this summer, for the first time, the campers and the staff were organized into teams. The riders racked up points by competing in six classes with one rider in each class from each team.

The Mustangs took an early lead in the egg an spoon (really onion and spoon) class, and held it almost the whole time through ride-a-buck, Fanny Farmer, a game with oversized clothes, the obstacle course, and musical sack classes.

Then the teams participated together in the peeled banana relay.

After all was said and done, the Mustangs finished on top, and as for the others, well, who really cares about the rest.

Laura Carey

Editors note: Well, we care about the rest, so here they are:

FIRST PLACE: Mustangs - Aaron Julien
Amy Lippencott, Evan Kushner, Erica Zimmerman, Nichole Stallings, Karin Berger, Julie Schmidt

SECOND PLACE: Shetlands - C.C. Conrad
Laura Carey, Anna, Aizer, Allison Martin, Mark Penkower, Claudia Beck, Barabara O'Leary

THIRD PLACE: Clydesdales - Dave Frederick
Mark Danetz, Liz Spann, Lisa Oliver, Kate Northrop, Michelle Rubin, Marie-Claire Pasquier

FOURTH PLACE: Arabians - Kevin Delacruz
Diana Carbonell, Alison Post, Chris Toomey, Lisa Danetz, Valerie Wolpert, Della Reese

FIFTH PLACE: Morroccans - Fred Zapp
Amy Ratner, Tina Harris, Mark Dunn, Jenny Naylor, Molly Northrop, Kerry Drake

SIXTH PLACE: Morgans - Karen Goedeke
Laura Williams, Susie Donnell, Tom Dorillio, Jenny Sparks, Jenny Spungin, Julie Sanday

Contest Ends

Our annual "Draw-Your-Counselor" Contest has drawn to a close and the winners have been chosen.

Jill Van Antwerp has been named general winner with her drawing of Nelia Dunbar reading. Second place goes to Molly Northrop with her drawings of Dee and Fred. Thanks also to Alison Martin and Dylan Walker for their fine drawings. Kate Northrop and Lisa Danetz also entered and did a fine job!


As most of you know, our one and only Holly went to the Essex 3-day Event from June 25 to the 28th. This was the third series of selection trials for the North American Jr. 3-Day Championships which are being held in Chicago, Illinois this year.

She finished sixth place overall and was chosen to represent the Area 2 North American 3-Day Team.

Recently, our roving reporter, Erica "Flash" Zimmerman visited Holly in her office in Shadow's stall to find out what her and her horse have been up to.

Q: Were you confident about things before the event?

A: I was confident about our abilities but was concerned about Shadow's fitness.

Q: Why?

A: Shadow has a severe bone disease in his feet for which he is being treated. Because of this I was not able to condition him as a normal event horse.

Q: How did you condition him?

A: By swimming him.

Q: Huh?

A: That's the fact, Jack!

Q: In a pool?

A: Yup.

Q: That's very interesting. Were you satisfied with your horse's uh . . unusual condition?

A: Yes and no.

Q: Could you elaborate? A: Well, Erica, I'll tell ya. If it's not one thing, it's another. If his feet weren't bothering him, he was sinking in the pool.

Q: Well, you made it through the season. How did you accomplish that?

A: I bought him a shorkel and flippers.

Q: What will be your next competition?

A: We're in training now for the National Whale Team Swim Meet in Boca Raton, Florida where we hope to progress to Internediate Whale Standing so that we can compete in the world championship in Bermuda.

Thank you very much Holy and good luck in your newest endeavor.

Unit 1's Mess

I can't even remember the last time we got over a 7 on inspection or the last time I saw the floor in Unit 1.

The impectors have come to dread inspecting the first cabin because of unconfirmed runors that several people have never returned from their attempts to enter our unit by burrowing under the large mound of clothes that bars the entrance.

There are reports that the mice who used to live here have moved out claiming that it was not a fit environment to bring up youguns in.

The other day, Amy Lippencott lifted up a few pairs of pants and discovered her horse which had been underneath the clothes for weeks.

Diana Carbonell has stuffed a mattress full of peanut butter and jelly sandwich crusts claiming that it helps her rhumatism and acne.

Laura Williams woke up just in time yesterday morning to discover her favorite sweatshirt trying to escape. It had been shipped to Cornell Medical facilities for further observation.

Amy Ratner is the worst! (My apologies to the Ratners) Just yesterday she left a wrinkle in her raincoat when she folded it up. Mrs. Schroder said that that was why we got 1/2 on last D.I. Thanks a lot, Amy!

As for the rest of the mess, chances are that 80% of the junk on the floor is Laura Carey's, and all the stuff on the table is Cindy Gerber's.

Given time, the mess may simply walk away, or it may become another camper, or possibly some of it could become a barrette so that Amy Ratner wouldn't have to clash with the mess any more.

"It's like being back in New Jersey", commented Alison Martin, "It's very similar to the turnpike but the traffic is a little heavier in the unit."

Ghost Court

During the costume party, the campers were subjected to the jurisdiction of the "Ghost Court", where they receive their due punishments for crimes committed contrary to the good and proper function of the state (camp).

Molly Northrop, guilty of asking too many people to giver her a piggyback ride must give rides to anyone who asks.

Laura Carey and Cindy Gerber must not wear any makeup for a whole day nor take their clocks to the bathroom. This is the just dessert for being overly cosmopolitan.

Amy Ratner, for being too Victorian, must wear a tank top and a pair of shorts. Said an upset Amy, "I can't wear shorts, then everybody will know I have no legs!!" The judges are reconsidering.

For being too self-concious, Lisa Oliver will be forced to wear her hair down.

In one of the lesser known punishments, for spending too much time in the 'A' building, Mr. and Mrs. Schroder will be forced to spend from 9:00 to 5:00 dancing around the clearings in ther pajamas to the soundtrack to the movie "Shaft".

Margaret, the cook, for making too many uninformative meals will have to include a clipping from the New York Times in every grilled cheese sandwich.


This Saturday we held the annual Halloween in August costume party celebration.

With each new year, it seems that the costumes become more imaginative, and more and more bizarre. This year we not only had girls coming as boys, boys coming as girls, people coming as buildings, buildings coming as people, but we had people coming as people and salami coming as baggies.

With the help of the Davis', dressed as Tonka trucks, the Schroders judged the costumes and came up with these winners:
Most Original: "The Breakfast Table" created and performed by Liz Spann, Alison Post, and Cole Stallings.
Most Out of this World: "The Heftos" created and performed by Laura Williams and diana Carbonell.
Most Interesting Use of Theme: "Three Generations" created and performed by Lisa Danetz, Kate Northrop, and Karin Berger.
Best Executed: "Commandos" a new interpretation by Evan Kushner, Thomas Dorilio, and Mark Danetz.

There were also awards for the counselors. They were as follows:
Best Dressed: "The Jagged Edge" created and performed by Holly Schroder, Sue Summerson, Karen Goedeke, and Susannah Julien.
Best "Drag" Impression: "Gigi" created and performed by Aaron Julien
Best Impression of a Deer: "The Andy Wright Memorial" by Todd Schroder and Ridgely Davis.
Best Representation of Camp: "Camp in Winter" by Jim Weeks, Fred Zapp, and Dave Conrad.