August 3, 1980 Camp Susquehanna & Camp Equinita, New Milford, Pennsylvania 18834

Old Harmony

Friday, the summer of 1824. The employees of Oliver Harpur's stone quarry were waiting impatiently for their pay. Harpur, who had gone to a bank in New Milford and drawn out money to pay his workers, was found dead by one of several search parties. The money which had been intended as pay was gone. He had been shot twice, once through the hat, the other more fatal.

His body was found lying in a gully, very possibly the one on Old Harmony, the road which runs right through the camp grounds. A stranger in town by the name of Jason Treadwell was accused of the crime, because a button was missing from Treadwell's coat and a button had been found near Harpur's body, although they didn't necessarily match.

Treadwell was tried and hanged on July 29, 1824 for the murder of Oliver Harpur. He swore to the end that he was innocent, and that as a curse it would rain every July 29th thereafter.

It has rained on 91 out of the last 104 July 29ths, an incredibly high percentage.

Last Tuesday - the 29th - several brave souls ventured to walk down Old Harmony at night, alone in the pitch black, without a flashlight, and with the ghost of Jason Treadwell lurking in the gully. Many people made it alone, while some played it safe and walked in a group, It took mind power and lots of courage, and all those who made it should be proud.

Laura Carey


On Wednesday, everyone piled into cars and went to the Blue Ridge Roller Skating Rink. When they had a limbo contest, the closest to winning were Greg and Pam Post.

They had men only and ladies only trio skating, and a moonlight for couples only. Even Lisa got on skates but she fell down a few times.

The Asteroid electronic game also drew some attention. Jeff Ruttenberg did so well he got his name recorded on the program!

Michelle Rubin & Cosmo

Straw Wars II

Tryouts were held earlier this morning for the musical, a comedy. "Straw Wars II", or "The Fence Wire Strikes Back" was written by Jim Weeks and will be presented two weeks from tonight. It'll be fun!

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Bill Scheff and Greg Post have invented a newt airplane! They're busy training the reluctant pilot now, but it looks great!

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Editorial Shift! Julien Rises? Cosmo Steps Down as Gizmo is Lost?
---See next page for details---

Horseshow Results

Reveille was earlier than usual on Saturday, July 26th, so that everyone would have time to prepare themselves and the horses for the annual first-half horse show. All the campers tried hard, had a good time, and should be proud of the great jobs they all did!

Laura Carey

Class #1 - Beginner Equitation
First - Wendy Butcher
Second - Joel Oppenheimer
Third - Adam Kamens
Fourth - Mojdeh Keykah

Class #2 - Beginner Equitation
First - Marie Claire Pasquier
Second - Jeff Ruttenberg
Third - Jon Grosser
Fourth - Bill Scheff
Fifth - Dylan Walker
Sixth - Nancy Waye
Sixth - Michelle Rubin

Class #3 - Maiden Equitation
First - Mina Schor on Blue Moon
Second - Amy Frager on Highway Man
Third - Stuart Kamens on Majorette
Fourth - Greg Post on Coat of Arms
Fifth - Gail Lasprogatta on A.M.
Sixth - Karin Berger on New Moon

Class #4 - Novice Equitation
First - Sally Weisbrot on Brandy
Second - Miriam Oppenheimer on Yogurt
Third - Lisa Mailshanker on Highway Man
Fourth - Jenny Sparks on AL.M
Fifth - Rich DePiano on C.S.
Sixth - Jeff Rosenfeld on H. Mac

Class #5 - Novice Equitation Over Fences
First - Tom Dorilio on Fizzle
Second - Julie Aussprung on Yogurt
Third - Evan Kushner on Finest Kind
Fourth - Mark Penkower on Fizzle

Class #6 - Novice Equitation Over Fences
First - Sam Peretz on Chimney Sweep
Second - Kate Northrop on Bittersweet
Third - Nancy Gross on Highway Man
Fourth - Liz Mellon on Bittersweet
Fifth - Amy Sherman on Munchkin

Class #7 - Maiden Equitation Over Fences
First - Anna Aizer on Coat of Arms
Second - Gwyn Winegrad on Bittersweet
Third - Lisa Danetz on Coat of Arms
Fourth - Alison Post on Toulouse
Fifth - Eric Steinman on Brandy
Fifth - Lee Plapinger on Bittersweet
Sixth - Rachel Every on Coat of Arms

Class #8 - Limit Equitation Over Fences
First - Kate Fabian on Think Positive
Second - Naomi Winegrad on Toulouse
Third - Naomi Nelson on Finest Kind
Fourth - Mike Stroukoff on Crumpet
Fifth - Jenny Snyder on Highway Man

Class #9 - Open Equitation Over Fences
First - Mia Dentico on Think Positive
Second - John Sears on Toulouse
Third - Erica Zimmerman on Coat of Arms
Fourth - Kirk Cozine on Crumpet
Fifth - Pam Post on Toulouse
Sixth - Matt Fenkart on Highway Man

Class #10 - Open Equitation Over Fences
First - Susannah Julien on Toulouse
Second - Mark Danetz on Lo & Behold
Third - Cindy Gerber on Woody
Fourth - Laura Carey on Think Positive
Fifth - Sue Summerson on Crumpet

Congratulations to all who placed!

Tent 4/14/?

On July 27th, Tent 14 was taken down and trailered to the girls' camp. There we established Unit 4. We brought five beds and set them up with help from the counselors and Todd. Then Tommy and Eric went to Unit 13 to get shelves for Tent 4. Those included were: Tom Dorilio, Eric Steinman, Greg Post, and last but not least John Sears. Special thanks to the tractor.

Tommy and Eric

The Cooks Speak

One day last week we sent our interviewer, Mark Penkower, over to the kitchen. There he talked with Margaret and Jim.

Q: What food is the hardest to make?

Margaret: Everything is just as easy as anything else.

Jim: No comment

Q: What is the easiest food for you to make?

Jim: Fish.

Q: Out of all the foods you make, which do you like the most?

Margaret: Macaroni and cheese.

Q: Which foods finish the fastest?

Margaret: Sloppy Joes.

Jim: Don't forget that Margaret's birthday is August 6th!

Thanks to Margaret and Jim for great meals this summer!

Old Mill Village

On Sunday the 27th, Ridge, Jim, and Karen took a small bunch of kids to Old Mill Village for a Black Powder exhibition. Those who went are: John Sears, Jeff Ruttenberg, Eric Steinman, Kate Fabian, and myself. When we got there, three men, supposedly dressed in authentic costumes, were firing their muskets at cans. However, it wasn't very interesting as none of the cans was knocked down. We all looked at the equipment that was on display, and then began out tour of the village.

Jeff and Eric went on their own, spending much of their time at the candy and gift shops. Kate, Karen and I looked at many different exhibits. Karen had a short chat with the old man at the post office and he gave us balloons.

After making a trip to the candy store, we met Jim and Ridge at the sculptor's area. On the way, we made a stop at the Orange Roof. As we neared camp, while Karen sprayed raspberry slush all over herself, I exclaimed "A good time was had by all!"

Erica Zimmerman


This issue of the LOOKOUT will be the last that Cosmo (alias Jim) edits this summer. His duties at school will keep him away a little too much, so we have been lucky to obtain the skills of "Radish" Julien!

Aaron will begin as Editor on Monday, and will need lots of art, articles, puzzles, etc. So get busy and turn in your material to him!

By the way, reports that Gizmo was left at the Acme market are untrue! Betty retrieved him in time and he's back at work on the archery field. The Sprockett family lives!