July 10, 1977 Camp Susquehanna & Camp Equinita, New Milford, Pennsylvania 18834

Harmon Gow

Last week the entire girls' camp slept out at the Harmon Gow house and had a great time! The units started the afternoon by hiking into town, going to the lake, or driving to Montrose to see the old New England town which has sprung up in Pennsylvania.

Finally everyone got back and walked out to the house, which is on East Lake across from camp. They cooked hot dogs and had fruit for dessert, and then settled in for the evening. Everyone went on a scavenger hunt, looking for things like shoe laces, pine cones, round stones, etc. Units three (Lynn Nottage, Gabby Block, Amy Ratner, Anne Snipes and Maggie Lonning) and five (Susannah Julien, Tracy Wiener, Stacy Grossman, Sue Summerson, Laura Carey, and Brett Verlen) won the contest.

The Harmon Gow house is pretty, but is supposed to be haunted. Pam Stein reported seeing the door open and close, and she showed people an old piano through the window. Sue Summerson reported seeing a can "cooking" on the stove.

It got a little scary later on, as Lynn Nottage, Susannah Julien, and Tracy Wiener started making wolf howls at the moon. The younger campers heard them and huddled close to Laurie Vogel for protection. They soon went to sleep, though, and enjoyed their evening in the woods. A good time was had by all.

Gabby Block

Trip to Cole Park

Unit seven (Sue Finney, Mindy Pearlstein, Kate Fabian, Erica Zimmerman, Michele Hangley, Pam Stein, and Naomi Winegrad) and unit eleven (Andy Bershad, Eric Rosen, John Sears, Matt Fenkart, Sid Soloff, David Strohl, and David Mandell) had an exiting, if not exactly wonderful, unit day last Wednesday. We all piled into two cars for the 30 mile drive to Cole Park. For some reason some of the girls and boys had to switch cars, a decision which no camper liked (at first!) It was pouring rain and some lightning struck less than half a mile away.

When we got to Cole Park it was still pouring rain. Finally it stopped raining and unit eleven noticed it first. They went over to Sue's car and told unit seven, which had been so busy doing nothing it hadn't noticed.

We spent our time building sand castles, swimming, and eating. After all that we had a cookout. (That shows you what a good counselor Jim is; who else could cook hamburgers in the pouring rain?) We had ice cream on the way home for dessert.

Though we cannot exactly say "A good time was had by all", it was exiting. As Jim Weeks says, "We'll look back on this day and laugh when we're 70!"

by M.H.

Seeing Old Faces

On Wednesday night, July 6th, both camps gathered to see slides from '74, '75 and '76. Lynn and Aaron Nottage both appeared in many pictures. Tracy Wiener was shown many times on horseback. There were slides from Tingley Lake, Indian Creek and other places. Everyone enjoyed seeing old faces which brought back lots of memories.

Bettina Lasswood

The Great Escape

It just so happens that horses aren't as dumb as you think! Last week all the horses in pasture #3 (except Eureka, Cathedral, and, Border Patrol) escaped! We don't know how they did it, but it was very ingenious. Let's just hope they don't do it again.


Rain - Boo Hiss

We have had beautiful weather here at Camps Susquehanna and Equinita, that is, at night. Unit 7 woke up Friday heard the rain, and said to each other "No horseman call!" and went back to sleep. Thursday "No horseman call had to be announced to the entire camp.

But our camp is not defeated yet! Thursday and Friday have both turned pretty clear sometime around lunch. Nothing much has been canceled, though swimming lessons are being held at the A building porch or in the dining hall. Also some of the riding classes are being held at the barn.

Though I can't remember when our last really sunny day was, I can remember a lot of fun ones and, as Billy says, "There are lots of frogs!"

Michele H.

Did You Know

...that Liz Dollinger is scared of Daddy-Long-Legs?

...that Cindy Weissbein sneezes her head off every morning?

...that Sue Summerson and Brett Verlen laugh a lot?

...Tracy Wiener has a secret boyfriend at home?

...Sid Soloff has a pair of motorcycle bathing trunks that were found between girls' units four and five?

A Night of Movies

"Ah yes!" wailed the familiar voice. And so began an evening of films starring W.C. Fields. The first in our series of films, the Fields evening was moved up to Thursday night due to rainy weather, but no one seemed to mind the quick announcement and showing. In fact, the next day found David Shevett and Todd Schroder giving people "hearty handclasps" in the Fieldsian manner.

Coming up this week will be a Walt Disney classic, The Horse With the Flying Tale! Watch for an announcement.

Ping and Pong

With our two days of rain, the tennis courts became too soft for playing, so the classes moved to our ping pong tables instead.

According to coach Andy Bershad, Rich Bernstein and Aaron Nottage each won a tournament. Paul Mandell upset his older brother David in what Andy calls a "close one".

By Saturday the courts were dry and in use again, so that further tournament results will have to wait for another rainy day.

Have You Heard

...that the "baby lobster" Liz and Laurie found in the shower room was really a cricket?

...that Andy Bershad's nickname used to be Purple faced rocky?

...that talking deer did visit Andy Wright's unit and promises to return? This word comes from Rich Bernstein and David Shevett, who were witnesses.

...that unit 10 (Mark Schroder, Kevin Cost, Billy Scheff, Paul Mandell, and Aaron Nottage) has the best inspection record so far?

War - Campers Win

On Monday night, the camps split into two teams for a game of Capture the Flag, revolutionary war style.

Andy Wright, the Deerslayer, was head of one team, while Mark Schroder commanded the British forces.

The Americans started off with small attacks led by Janis "Speedy" Hottinger, Lynn Nottage, Maggie Lonning, Nancy Bernstein, and Tracy Wiener. Aaron Nottage, David Mandell, David Strohl, and Sid Soloff were very effective as "no-man's land" raiders.

But the British forces were not exactly sitting down! Rich Bernstein, Eric Rosen, John Sears, and Matt Fenkart all charged into the fray, along with Paul Mandell and Kevin Cost. They managed to make a prisoner of the American's spy, Billy Scheff. Gabby Block, Anne Snipes, Susannah Julien, and Laura Carey were never far from the action, often taking prisoners themselves.

Unlike the real war, this one ended at 9:30, when it became too dark to see the enemy. It was declared a tie by the judge, and both teams returned to their units for a good night's sleep.

Nathan Hale

Phantom Returns

Once again, a strange being lurks among us! Leaving bizarre notes in even stranger places, a member of the camp community is at large. The notes, which have shown up in cupboards, on saddles, in units, and almost everywhere, read simply THE PHANTOM!

We call on everyone to help us find this prankster! Turn in any clues you discover to the office. We'll keep you posted on our investigation!

Special Days

There have been some very special days at camp! The 4th of July was special in two ways to the camp, for it was not only a holiday but Alex Strohl's (of unit 6) birthday. Some other birthdays were that of Hatch, on the 8th, and Kate Fabian of unit 7, on the 9th. Probably sometime this month will be the 0th birthday of some giant, invisible woodchucks, of which unit 1 will be proud grandparents.

Also, on the 7th of July there was an event which not many noticed. It was the only day in eleven years where every number is the same: 7/7/77. The last time it happened was 6/6/66, and the next time will be 8/8/88.

There are some more birthdays to come and everyone is looking forward to lots more fun!

M. Hangley

Billy and Food

On Saturday, Sue Finney had a chat with Billy Scheff about food, and he expressed his likes and dislikes so well that she brought them in to be published.

BILLY'S FAVORITE DRINK is milk, because he likes cows. He claims he can drink almost a gallon in one sitting!

BILLY'S FAVORITE FOOD is chicken, wither Shake 'n Bake or fried. He like McDonald's hamburgers but despises the pickles and "always throws them out!"

BILLY'S FAVORITE DESSERT is fresh strawberries. He likes to dip them in a mountain of sugar, as they're too sour otherwise. He hates the green things on them!

Billy hates coffee, but coffee cake is okay, especially like it's served here on Wednesday mornings.

That's a chat with Billy. Maybe we'll write about YOU next week!