Autumn 1976 Camp Susquehanna & Camp Equinita, New Milford, Pennsylvania 18834

Eight Weeks Looking Back:

We just finished looking through the archives, and have determined that although the seasons of 1969 and 1972 were wet ones, they still did not compare with the season of 1976 for total water fall. This year will probably be an all time record, and all the local farmers agree. That didn't stop things at camp, though, and everyone we have talked with has said that it was not only the wettest season, it was also the greatest. We really had a ball, and all because we had here assembled some of the greatest people of all times, both staff and campers.

Some of the highlights of the season were: we set up our own laundry for the first time; we went roller skating twice, and would have gone three times except that we couldn't reach the rink owner's; very few people earned the webfoot award despite the rain (even the canoe trip slept in a cabin); two hour riding classes were held for the first time; not being strongly oriented toward sports other than riding, we set up a jump course on the baseball diamond, and it makes an excellent arena; half of our planned horseshows were rained out but our riders did an outstanding job in the other half; Special Activities class was a howling success, and one of their activities provided blueberries for the dining hall; cookouts and campfires tended to be washouts; we couldn't tell whether the 'A' building porch was a casino or the afternoon bridge club; the whole staff filled in on the kitchen-dining hall jobs between crews, and did tremendously; we moved a tent platform to Indian Creek, and set up a real outpost camp; all the girls on one of the haunted house trips earned their certificate for bravery; the Water Carnival got rained out and had to be held on the "rain date"; we never carried a bale of hay in from our fields; the Canteen showed up at the stage in the guise of an original Jim Weeks take off of Cabaret; to finish off this list, we'll steal one line from that take-off, remember: "Life is a Snickers Bar, My Friends," and it really is at camp. It was a tremendous summer, and passed all too quickly for us. We're already looking forward to next season.

Ken & Joy

Final Horseshow Results

On Saturday. August 21st, the final day of camp, we held a last, grand horseshow for the 1976 camp season. The weather was beautiful and everyone was excited, although a bit sad at leaving friends and horses. It was a good show with riders and horses performing at their best. Mary O'Connor from Binghamton, New York, was the judge. Results of the classes are:

Class #1 - Novice Equitation Over Fences

First - Miguel DeLlano on Pixie Dust
Second - Susannah Julien on Honeycomb
Third - Harry Mannil on Blue Moon
Fourth - Diane Morgan on Yogurt
Fourth - Dave Kunz on Eureka
Fifth - Jim Bayer on Munchkin
Sixth - Susan Palius on Blue Moon
Sixth - Grace Spiro on Majorette

First - Enrique Iturriaga on Eureka
Second - Jenny Kahn on Pixie Dust
Third - Rich Bernstein on Munchkin
Third - Eduardo Avalos on Honeycomb
Fourth - Aaron Julien on Coat of Arms
Fifth - Emily Knowles on Yogurt
Sixth - Robin Schwartz on Ring Toss
Sixth - Janis Hottinger on Blue Moon

Class #2 - Beginner Equitation
First - John Sears on Silk Stockings
Second - Maria McKenna on Honeycomb
Third - Dara Kuehne on Cocktail
Third - David Strohl on Tamale
Fourth - Evelyn Edwards on Yogurt
Fifth - Marc Remy on Inlet
Sixth - Danette Kuehane on Pixie Dust
Sixth - Alexandra Strohl on Munchkin

Class #3 - Novice Equitation
First - Juan Rullan on Counselor
Second - Lynn Nottage on Blue Moon
Third - Laurie Wilson on Catnip
Third - David Mandell on Munchkin
Fourth - Maggie Lonning on Silk Stocking
Fourth - Aaron Nottage on Honeycomb
Fifth - Allyson Hoover on Ouija
Sixth - Kathy Bayer on Tamale
Sixth - Matt Fenkart on Lookout

Class #4 - Beginner Equitation
First - Did Macnow on Yogurt
Second - Mark Guenther on Cocktail
Third - Alejandro Amescua on Munchkin
Fourth - Steve Fuhrman on Blue Moon
Fifth - Paul Mandell on Pepperoni
Fifth - Javier Amescua on Pixie Dust
Sixth - Debbie Kuehne on Honeycomb
Fifth - June McKenna on Ivanhoe

Class #5 - Maiden Equitation
First - Gerardo Amescua on Ring Toss
Second - Katie Slimermayer on Counselor
Third - Jaun Riquezes on Cocktail
Third - Todd Wilson on Yogurt
Fourth - Jason Kahn on Honeycomb
Fourth - Alessandra Amadeo on Blue Moon
Fifth - Emilio Cabrero on Ouija
Sixth - David Williams on Inlet
Sixth - Paulina Avalos on Tamale

Class #6 - Hunter Over Fences
First - Andrea Goldfarb on New Moon
Second - Tracy Wiener on Toulouse
Third - Nancy Bernstein on Coat of Arms
Third - Megan Schwartz on Eureka
Fourth - Cindy Sears on Honeycomb
Fourth - Laura Linney on Yogurt
Fifth - Bettina Laswood on Ivanhoe
Fifth - Simone Mancuso on Seventh Hour
Sixth - Michelle Menegaz on Cadet

Class #7 - A.S.P.C.A. Henry Bergh Medal Class for Junior Riders
First - David Greenberg on Royal Mischief
Second - Greg Vogel on Sugar Star Pep
Third - Vicki Vogel on Gallant Cedric
Fourth - Katie Locke on Cool Hand Luke

Major Awards - 1975

The summer of 1976 was an unusual summer. In spite of the rain, everyone managed to have a great time, and a good number of major awards were earned by campers. On Friday, August 20th, we held the annual Camp Banquet in the dining hall, and enjoyed a grand turkey feast. After the chocolate sundaes were devoured and the tables cleared by Marc, Debbie, and Doug, Ken spoke and Joy followed with the awards

We do not have enough space to list each award, but the highest awards for each activity are printed below. Our congratulations to everyone who participated in, and did so well in, everything!

David Mandell - Oscar
Susan Palius - Oscar
Allyson Hoover - Apprentice Award
Paul Mandell - Apprentice Award
Rich Bernstein - Care and Interest
Cliff Bernstein - Helping Hands
Buddy Spinner - Helping Hands
Charli Swanson - Vicki Penziner Memorial Award

Jenny Kahn - Oscar
Matt Fenkart - Oscar

Rich Bernstein - Oscar
Susannah Julien - Oscar

Jim Bayer - Oscar
Juan Rullan - Oscar

Laura Linney - Oscar
Richard Bernstein - Oscar

Steve Lichtensteiger - 'S'
Jason Kahn - 'S'
Janis Hottinger - 'E'
Cherie Cooper - 'E'
John Sears - 'S'
Danette Kuehne - 'E'

1976 Haunted Houses

Because of this year's rain, we really sis not have as many Haunted House trips as we would have liked to have. But just the same, a good number of campers braved the unknown and entered one of our two houses, proving their courage and winning a certificate. Our congratulations to these brave winners:

Kara VallowEmily KnowlesMichelle Menegaz
Jeri YablonAmy RatnerBettina Laswood
Sherrie MarkKatie LockeLaurie Wilson
Shelly DonohoeDid MacnowAllesandra Amedeo
Leah GoldenLaura LinneyMiguel DeLlano
Beth GablerMegan SchwartzJavier Amescua
Alejandro AmescuaDavid KunzMarc Remy
Jim BayerRich BernsteinRonny Becker

The Last Fire

After the banquet on Friday, Susquehanna and Equinita held separate campfires to close out the 1976 season. The girls met in the wood behind unit 3, while the boys hiked down behind unit 8 for a huge fire built by Ron "Campfire" Gilmore and Scott Orr

The girls entered the ring to hear Nancy Morgan playing and singing. Then after a few song rounds, there were games of Indian Chief and I Remember.

The boys started off with games of "chew the cracker". Then Rick Davis led a round of I remember, which went on for quite a while. Then Ken Schroder spoke a few words about camp and the past season, summing up with what he felt camp was all about. Mike Click then rounded off the campfire with four or five songs, to which the boys sang along.

Both campfires ended with a candle ceremony. Ken and Joy lit candles from the campfire, and spread the fire down the line, so that each camper soon held a candle with the campfire flame. In silence the campers marched to their units, and san taps, before blowing out the candles and going to bed. It was a moving and warm way to end the camp season.

Remember to light your candle on New Year's Eve, and again the campfire flames will flicker all around the country! But also, when you want to remember your friends and the good times of camp at any time, your candle can be lit. It's a great way to remember the good times from the summer of 1976!


On Thursday, August 19th, the floodlights at the stage flared to life for the last time in '76! The stage was set for the annual musical, but this year an extra play was presented as a treat by the talented sixth period drama class!

"The Bald Soprano", based on the play by Eugene Ininesco, starred Cindy Sears as Mrs. Smith and Megan Schwartz as Mr. Smith, both good old Americans in their old American living room. Both were superb in their roles! Then Jenny Kahn as Mr. Jones and Michelle Menegaz as Mrs. Jones came to visit, and "interaction" began. Again, the two were excellent in their roles. Laurie Wilson played a great role as Mary, the maid, who is anything but maid-like. And Kathy Bayer was also fine as both the girls scout and the clock. The cast revived the play from a script used several years ago, and did a great job on it!

Then Aaron Julien introduced "Canteen Porch", which loosely used the music from Cabaret. It was a short play about camp and the doldrums, and the audience loved it. The stars were all great! Laura Linney was superb as Carol, as was Mark Guenther as Ron Gilmore. Susan Palius and Katie Locke both deserve praise as Nancy and Lydia, as does Rich Bernstein's portrayal of Ron Becker. Allyson Hoover led Maria McKenna and Dara Kuehne as Lookout the horse, much to everyone's delight. And, as usual, both Lynn Nottage and Tracy Wiener were superb as villains.

Not to be overlooked were Debbie Kuehne, Nancy Bernstein, and Susannah Julien, who played themselves very well! Alex Strohl was great singing sunshine, as were David Mandell and Evelyn Edwards as Horsemen. And, last but certainly not least, praise goes to Emily Knowles for a fine job as Clara. Everyone did a super job, and it showed a lot of work!

Swimming Awards

This was a good year at the lake, no matter what the weather was like! There were a number of awards and courses completed by the end of camp, and they were all announced at the banquet. Those who did so well are:

BEGINNER - Paul Mandell, Aaron Nottage, David Williams, Allyson Hoover, Kathy Bayer, Maria McKenna, Jennifer Kahn

ADVANCED BEGINNER - Paul Mandell, David Williams, Kathy Bayer, Jennifer Kahn

INTERMEDIATE - Matt Fenkart, Didi Macnow, Kathy Bayer, Jim Bayer, Susannah Julien, Laurie Wilson

SWIMMER - Diane Morgan, Cindy Sears

BASIC RESCUE AND WATER SAFETY - Mark Guenther, Steve Fuhrman, Maggie Lonning, Jeri Yablon, Lynn Nottage, Leah Golden, Emily Knowles, Megan Schwartz, Diane Morgan

ADVANCED SWIMMER - Katie Locke, Laura Linney

Our congratulations to all of you who worked so hard for the courses! It was a great summer!

Nancy, Mark, and Cathy

Remember When...

... Ron Becker locked his keys in his car at Tingley Lake?

... Cliff and Buddy set a Ping Pong volley record at camp?

Unit Signs

Just before Mike Click hopped into the station wagon for his race to Kennedy Airport, he realized the unit signs had not been judged. "Oh bother!" said Mike. He then quickly appealed to Joy Schroder to take his place as honorable judge since, as Mike said, "I'd have to vote for my own unit if I were judge, being basically corrupt." And so, as Mike roared off into the east, the signs were judged.

This year there were two categories in each camp: Most Artistic and Most Creative. It was a hard job, to be sure. How does one compare beautiful, silver-lined clouds with a cow in a tree? Hmm.

The winners of this year's Unit Sign Contest are:

Most Artistic Sign: Unit One - "Sticks and Stones

Most Creative Sign: Unit Four - "Interior Decorators"

Most Artistic Sign: Unit Five - Panama Red's "New Riders"

Most Creative Sign: Unit Six - "The Inseparable Seven" (there were 8 in the unit!)

Congratulations to all who helped. Your signs are hanging proudly and will be ready for your viewing in June, 1977! See you then!

New H.H. Reported

Rumors have reached camp that there is indeed a true "Haunted House" near camp. If it turns out that there is one, all those who have braved our other houses will be allowed to visit it next summer! Jim Weeks and Brent Myers are out checking on the house this week!

The Fair

"I want another rabbit!" said Cliff Bernstein, and so began our annual trip to the Harford Fair on Thursday afternoon, August 19th. Everyone loaded into cars and got there quickly, and then headed for the many rides and booths.

Did Macnow went straight to the Bumper Car ride, but her car just raced in circles. Laurie Wilson had much better luck, and took Jenny Kahn along as a passenger.

Meanwhile, Lynn Nottage was observed flying around the big Tilt-a-Whirl, her mouth open and her arms waving. Looking up, Scott Orr was heard to remark, "There'd NEVER be a time when I'd get on that thing!!

All too soon we headed back for our cars, and then back to camp. But before Jim, Rick, and Mike got out of the lot, six jet, army helicopters raced overhead, which made everyone jump out of the cars to see what was going on. It was, as Mark Guenther pointed out, the Army stunt helicopter group, there for an air show. And so they stayed and watched while the copters buzzed each other, dove, circled, and left trails of black smoke. There was even one with huge ears named BOZO, which raced around on its side. Jim Weeks got a lot of slides of the show, and promises to show them early next season.

Then it WAS time to leave, so everyone hurried back to camp for a pizza supper and the two drama class plays.

A good time was had by all!

Guantanimo Sigafoose

Closing Up

After everyone left camp, the staff quickly went to work and closed it for winter, with the help of ex-counselor Mark Pierson, who arrived to drive the dock up from the lake on the Ford tractor. After only 26 hours, the dock was up, the tents down, the stage cleared, and the staff all got ready to leave. Nancy Morgan roared off late in the afternoon on Sunday, beaten only by Ron Gilmore, who took off that morning. Monday Ron Becker picked some blueberries, potted a fern, and then drove off to West Virginia. "Gosh", he was heard to remark, "I wish I had found some Newts"

Rick, Betty, the kids, the cats, the gerbils, the plants, and the lion dog all drove off on Tuesday morning. "Eeek!" said Danette. "I'm squooshed back here."

Soon almost everyone was gone, and the birds could be heard again chirping in the clearings! The leaves on some trees have begun to change already, and Stanley is racing about looking for all of his summer friends. But before long it'll be time for the New York Horseshow and Reunion. We'll look forward to seeing you there!

Oliver Harpur


Although camp hasn't been over for long, it's already hard to remember some of the smaller event of the summer. For instance, do you remember: many movies we had this summer, and what they were?

...the marshmallow fight at Tingley Lake?

...Halloween in August?

...which team won the water carnival?