Autumn 1975 Camp Susquehanna & Camp Equinita, New Milford, Pennsylvania 18834

One Final Note '75

Well, one of the greatest seasons we have ever had is now finished. We enjoy every season, but this one was really outstanding. It was made that way by the people. We had the greatest group of campers and counselors that we have ever had, and it hardly seems possible that eight weeks have passed and it is over.

It is only over for a short while, though. Next comes the reunion at the National Horse Show at Madison Square Garden in New York City. We will send you all the information- date, time, cost, etc.- soon, but it will be the Saturday afternoon performance, and that is usually the first weekend in November.

Also, we wish to remind you that for those of you who wish to be Horsemen, the date of enrollment or re-enrollment is very important. We plan to have more horses next year, but we will still have a problem accomodating all the Horseman requests. Information about next season - dates, tuition, etc. - will be sent in November. If you plan to be a Horseman, enroll early.

We have already started on next season here at camp. Mr. Davis has returned and we are back looking for those leaks on the dining hall roof. We have also started the rest of the box stalls in the seven horse barn and between that and the two horse barn. We expect to have those all finished before we leave camp, and will replace the lost standing stalls next Spring before camp starts. We also plan to replace all the barbed wire in the pastures with smooth wire next Spring. Barbed wire injuries have not been a serious problem, but we want ot eliminate the possibility. Another thing we hope to do next year is put a roof on the big platform in Susquehanna. Building some more permanent riding rings will follow that, but we aren't certain when that will be. We would like to build another one near the present one and one in the "polo" field. We want to move some cabins in Camp Equinita; build a new Zebra and shower there, and finish repairing the tennis court backstops. Those things all take time, though, so we aren't certain where they will go on the calendar.

Thank you all for helping to make this such a wonderful summer. You were tremendous, and we look forward to working with you next summer. Have a good year in school, and we'll see you soon.

Ken & Joy


On August 23, the final day of camp, we held a last, grand horseshow. The weather was ideal and everyone was excited, although a bit sad at leaving friends and horses. However, it was a good show, and here are the results:

Class #1 - Novice Equitation Over Fences
First - Amy Zisman on Boll Weevil
Second - Leslie Koch on The Fugitive
Third - Robin Schwartz on the Fugitive
Fourth - Ruth Rothstein on Majorette
Fifth - Fred Dameron on Olympiad
Sixth - Nancy Bernstein on Penny
Reserve - Hillary Francais on Senior Prom

Class #2 - Limit Equitation Over Fences
First - Scott Orr on New Moon
Second - Todd Schroder on Highway Man
Third - Heidi Zoller on Penny
Fourth - Rob Devor on Lookout
Fifth - Ridgely Davis on Olympiad
Sixth - Tracy Wiener on The Fugitive

Class #3 - Walk-Trot Equitation
First - Ralph Wolf on Majorette
Second - Mark Guenther on Tamale
Third - Jason Kahn on Honeycomb
Fourth - Aaron Nottage on Sweet & Sour
Fifth - Linda Catrone on Odyssey
Sixth - Emilio Cabrero on Ogi Bear
Sixth - Todd Wilson on Counselor

Class #4 - Beginner Equitation
First - Jeannie Eckardt on Blue Moon
Second - Claudia Martinez on Flying High
Third - Lynn Nottage on Counselor
Fourth - Celida Martinez on Tamale
Fifth - Jesus Marti on Odyssey
Sixth - Amy Klein on Lookout

Class #5 - Open Equitation Over Fences
First - Cliff Bernstein on Coat of Arms
Second - Laura Wiener on New Moon
Third - Mike Lesser on Shotokan
Fourth - Bob Lesser on Shotokan
Fifth - Vicki Vogel on Eureka
Sixth - Michelle Kallish on Cotton Candy

Class #6 - Maiden Equitation
First - Amy Goldfarb on Boll Weevil
Second - Marc Wolf on the Fugitive
Third - Miguel DeLlano on Honeycomb
Fourth - Susan Palius on Lookout
Fifth - Susannah Julien on Ogi Bear
Sixth - Rich Bernstein on Flying High
Sixth - Miguel Sordo on Senior Prom

Congratulations to all who placed!

Swimming Awards

This was a fine summer at the waterfront, with all sorts of tests passed and awards earned. Those who earned a specific award are:

BEGINNER - Emilio Cabrero, Zane Emerich, Jeff Griffen, Didi Macnow, Todd Wilson

ADVANCED BEGINNER - Rich Bernstein, Hillary Francais, Cheryl Gaydas

INTERMEDIATE - Rachel Griffen, Rebecca Griffen, Cindy Sears, David Strohl

SWIMMER - Aaron Julien

ADVANCED SWIMMER - Joanne Tarricone, Steve Furhman, Carolyn Morgan

JUNIOR LIFE SAVING - Jeanie Eckardt, Xan Ellis, Rana Glickman, Tim Joyce, Laura Linney, Katie Locke, Ruth Rothstein, Marc Wolf

SENIOR LIFE SAVING - Nancy Everett, Nancy Fretz, Anne Millard

Our congratulations to all who worked for such awards, it was a fine summer!

Sue, Anne & Linda

Major Camp Awards - 1975

The summer of 1975 was a great success in all ways, especially as far as awards are concerned. On the last night of camp we all gathered in the dining hall for the annual Awards Banquet. After a grand turkey feast cooked by Carol, Marie, Margaret and Jackie, and quickly served by Shanti, Lori, Charly, Jose Luis, and Fernando, the awards were given out.

We do not have enough space to list each award, but the highest awards for each activity are printed below. Our congratulations to everyone who participated in, and dis so well in, everything!

David Kunz - Oscar
Laura Wiener - Oscar
Sue Palius - Care and Interest
Susannah Julien - Apprentice Award
Laura Linney - Vicki Penziner Memorial Award

Laura Linney - Oscar
Katie Locke - Oscar
Richard Bernstein - Oscar

Mike Lesser - Oscar
Amy Zisman - Oscar
Hillary Francais - Gold Medal

Jesus Marti - Oscar
Ivy Nagengast - Oscar
Laura Wiener - Oscar

Todd Schroder - Oscar
Lynn Nottage - Oscar

Table Tennis
Eduardo Avalos - Gold Medal
Robbie Devor - Silver Medal

Fred Dameron - Oscar for Sportsmanship

Haunted Houses - 1975 Style

This summer was also a big one for haunted houses! Equinita had its first trips ever, and Susquehanna held more than anyone could recall. Here is the long list of those brave enough to earn the camp bravery certificate:

Nancy BernsteinRachel GriffenTodd Schroder
Rich BernsteinMark GuentherCindy Sears
Kevin BrounTim JoyceJohn Sears
Tony CastroAaron JulienMiguel Sordo
Linda CatroneLeslie KochGeorge Tarricone
Greg DahlkeDavid KunzJoanne Tarricone
Miguel DelLanoLaura LinneyGreg Vogel
Rob DevorJesus MartiTracy Wiener
Marjorie DoughertyCarolyn MorganDavid Williams
Xan EllisPam NarrinsTodd Wilson
Steve FuhrmanMark NeissMarc Wolf
Cheryl GaydasSue PaliusRalph Wolf
Rana GlickmanJojo SaltzmanHeidi Zoller

Activities Class

Sixt period special activities class finished the season with a dart-ballon contest, a frog jumping contest, and a trip to the shutters diner. Here are the results of the contests: DARTS AND BALLONS: Susannah Julien, Ralph Wolf

FROG JUMPING CONTEST: Aaron Nottage, Susannha Julien, Emilio Cabrero

It was a fun class and we're already looking forward to holding it next summer. See you then! Ron Becker

News Notes

After everyone left camp, bits of clothing and various articles turned up. Your clothes, crops, shoes, etc. will soon be in the mail and reaching you. Other bits of equipment will not be sent. For example, Nancy Everett left camp with four tubes of "unmarked" toothpaste she recovered from the bathroom.

Brent Myers advises us that photos ordered are now being printed and will be in the mail shortly. He can be reached at his address on the Address List.

After the last camper left, Todd Schroder changed the P.A. amplifier so the he could use the new one. He installed the one from the dining hall in the 'A' building, and it turned out to be a bit more powerful. On Monday morning, Nancy Sears heard breakfast call sound, only she was in her cottage at Page Lake - 3 miles away!!

Ogi Bear!

On Thurdsay, August 21st, the floodlights flared to life for the final time at the Susquehanna Playhouse, as the drama class presented their annual musical. This year the production was a take-off on Oliver! which we called Ogibear!

The show, preserved now on video tape for future generations to behold, was a grand success. Pam Narrins starred as Slimy Sniff, the meanest man alive. In so doing she kept alive a role begun years ago by Andrew Julien. Pam's Slimy was mean and stingy, but converted to goodness.

Sue Palius, Laura Linney, Katie Locke, and Tracy Wiener were all superb in their roles as Equinita counselors. Todd Schroder appeared in a starring role as Ken Schroder and did an excellent job.

But let's not forget the other characters - the Sneakies and Creepies. There was Mark Guenther as Stubby, and Lynn Nottage as Scary, and Fred Dameron, who was mugged by his fellows on stage. And of course there was Ogibear himself, well played by Aaron Julien and Rich Bernstein. Their song "Where Is Love?" was a big hit of the evening.

Praise could go on, but it's enough to say that everyone did well, and that, more importantly, everyon enjoyed the experience.

After the play, we held a camp fire with the "eat a marshmallow" game. Todd Wilson kept getting close to winning, but never quite made it. Jason Kahn enjoyed eating his marshmallow without strings later. And then, after a game of "toilet paper mummy" Mike Click san a number of songs.

A good time was had by all!

Jim Weeks

The Harford Fair

On Thursday afternoon, August 21st, the whole camp traveled to the Harford Fair for the afternoon. It was a lot of fun for everyone, and there was certainly lots to do.

"Look what I won!" yelled Ralph Wolf, and he led everyone he could find to the plate-pitch booth. Sure enough, Ralph had won several huge stuffed animals.

"That's nothing!" said Clifford Bernstein. "Look what I bought!" And there before our eyes was a large rabbit!

But what everyone seemed more interested in was the large number of rides available. There was a Ferris Wheel, which even Jim Weeks was lured onto. Then there ws the Salt and Pepper ride, which David Greenberg would live to regret. The Octobpus ruined quite a few appetites, while the swing ride did a number on both campers and staff.

Other items of interest at the Fair were 4H exhibits, the horses, cattle, and rabbits, and the sheep. Equinita counselors visited the cooking booth and watched Nancy Everett, Nancy Fretz, and Linda Finney drool at the winning baked goods.

The craft exhibits were also very interesting to both campers and staff. Anne Piscatelli saw a beautiful sheepskin coat and, after some thought, went back and bought it on Saturday evening.

One or two counselors watched the beatiful baby contest, but the campers seemed more interested in just having fun and wandering the fair grounds.

Before long it was time to load up the cars and head back to camp. Jason Kahn summed up the afternoon well when he said: "I wish I could do this all the time!"

The Last Dance

"It's cool, jewel!" said an unidentified camper. And so began the 1975 Greaser dance at camp. To be admitted, you had to be dressed up at least a little. So, out came the white socks and t-shirts. Girls broke out hair ribbons, long dresses, and sneakers. And then everyone did the twist, mashed potato, and other greats from the past.

"This is neat, Pete." said Bob Lesser, who came greased to the hilt. "I'm with the mob, Bob" said Cliff Bernstein, who had slicked himself down for the event.

It was a fun dance, but most people were glad to wash off the grease and get back to normal before taps that evening.

Elvis Presley


Although camp hasn't been over for long, it's already hard to remember some of the smaller things that happened this summer. See what you can recall!

...Who won the roller skating limbo?

...Where the bell eas hanging in the haunted house?

...How many times you heard "Love Will Keep Us Together" at camp?

...Which team won the water carnival (because of its good cheers!)?

...Who won the red hat award?

...What you did on your favorite Unit Day?

...Which was your favorite horse?

...What was the most popular song Mike Click sang?