July 4, 1971 Camp Equinita, New Milford, Pennsylvania 18834

The Break-In

Last winter we were coming down the road and we saw a very dim light coming through the woods. It looked like it was coming from our camp. We got closer and we found tha it was from camp! We got to the gate and part of it was knocked down. We went very slowly so whoever was there would not hear us. When we got to the Administration building, one of them got away, but my faterh (Ken Schroder) grabbed the other one, and with one hand around the boy, he used the other one to call the police. We knew the other boy, so he came out because he knew we could just tell the police who he was. We found out that they had smashed the front of the big truck. They had eaten a lot of candy. The were two 14 year olds.

Holly Schroder

A The First Campfire

The first campfire started out with the song that ended last year's campfire, Each Campfire Lights Anew. Soon after, the awards were explained; they are called Equinita E's. They are for different activities. The activities the awards are awarded for are drama, journalism, dancing, swimming, crafts, riflery, riding, and archery. There are also awards iin promarksman. Afterwards, the merits were explained to us. Bunk counselors evaluate us each week. We can get a total of 20 points. If you get a total of 100 or over, you receive some kind of charm.

We chose our activities for the next two weeks, and then the campdire was ended with Taps.

Lynn Goldstein

Editorial: Horse Women's Lib

I think there should be such a thing as a horsewoman. In Camp Susquehanna there are horsemen. They have a horse in the barn. They ride and take care of it. The girls should be able to do that too!

Brenda Hughes

Janice Evanovich Heads Equinita

On April 10th, Janice, our head counselor, was married to John Evanovich. They live inn Warren, Ohio. Janice teaches home economics and John teaches the sixth grade.

John is the head counselor for the boys lower camp.

They would like to go to Australia to teach and study some day.

Lilli Marcus

Miming After Dining

On Thursday, July 1, after dinner all of Camp Equinita went over to the stage. Jo and Chris explained to us how to mime. Miming is when you act out something using your whole body, and you aren't allowed to make any noise with your mouth. Chris acted out an elopement. Then everyone had ten minutes to think up a mime. The mimes ranges from a gasoline station to a drunkard. Every one enjoyed doing them.

Sue Hayes


On Tuesday, June 28th, during second period, the first drama class took place. Jim Weeks is the instructor. Three people attended, Lilli Marcus, Jenny Kurtz and me. Jim told us there is going to be a variety show. The drama class will perform. Drama is a very promising activity.

Lynn Goldstein

Arts and Crafts Projects

It was our first day of arts and crafts. We didn't know what to do. We decided to do Creepy People. We went outside and found rocks and sticks, and anything we could find. We took paste, felt, cloth, paper and magic markers. We made people by pasting everything together. The next day, we made a house, beds, dressers, tables, chairs, showers, and everything we could think of. We made a Creeple People house. Our next project was calligraphy. Calligraphy is drawing the main shape and things to make it look like the shape of what you're drawing. You don't put in all the details.

Holly Schroder

A New Activity

Every Friday, Marilyn and Pat have a new activity. It's a game tournament. They have a lot of little games and everyone plays them. The winner tells Marilyn and then they play someone else. The winners of all the games tell Marilyn, and then you have won.

Stephanie Zelden


There are two new buildings at Equinita. One is cabin 6, used for living, the other is for arts and crafts.

Tabins are half cabins and half tent. They have roofs, and the bottom half is also wood, but canvas covers the windows. The lucky five who sleep in tabin 6 are counselor Beth, and campers Lisa Rogers, Lisa Hoffman, Lynn Goldstein, and Jennifer Kurtz.

Beth called it a tentin, and then changed the name to tabin. We sleep on comfortable cots. So far, I have found no fault with these wonderful new buildings.

Lynn Goldstein

What a Day!!!

On Unit day, to start with, Units 3 and 6 went swimming. Afterwards we changed and went up to the boys' camp for our raw hamburgers, potato chips, bug juice, carrots, buns, scooter pies and ketchup. Then we went on a short hike to the boys' Indian Ceremonial Grounds. When after walking through the woods for a while, we discovered it occupied by boys! But after Beth and Peedie talked with their counselor he said we could eat with them. After supper, some people went down to get water and get lost! When they finally got back, David the boy counselor read a story called "The Great American Pie Company". We left soon after that.

Lynn Goldstein

One Night on an Overnight

One night we decided to go on an overnight. It was not very far away. It was just out in the clearing. Well, Li Rogers wanted to go and hear a story that Beth Taylor was reading. Well we had a bunch of candy in our sleeping bags. After the story, which was very good, we went back to our sleeping bags. LLL'SWORTH HAD EATEN ALL THE CANDY! The wrappers too. Then we got rid of that problem and found another. We didn't know if we wanted to stay there or go in front of the clearing. We ended up sleeping in the front. Everyone got eaten up by mosquitos.

Unit Day for #5

Unit 5 had a fun time. We went swimming at the water front and then went to Hill-Top for dinner. We had hamburgers and bug juice. For dessert we had scooter pies, carrots, celery, and marshmallows. Then we slept out in the clearing. We also painted orange crates for our tent. They are green.

Lauraine Scappatura

Unit Day for 2,4,7

On Wednesday, June 30th, Units 2, 4, and 7 went on a hike to the State Quarry on Old Harmony. After we got back we went swimming. When we got back from swimming we collected firewood. We had a hard time starting the fire, and finding logs to putin all the time to keep the fire going. Then we had to find green wood to roast marshmallows on and we had to pull it off the trees which took a long time to do! Finally we got hamburgers cooking and the grease started on fire. We ate our hamburgers and roasted marshmallows. Monica Moss was making taffy out of the marshmallows and then Henri Mann did it and put it on Monica's guitar and on her face and hair.

Charli Swanson

Unit One's Unit Day

The girls in Unit 1 slept out Tuesday night. In the morning, the three girls went into their tent and found their counselor Jodie sound and peacfully asleep. But when she woke up, we cleaned out tent, straightened our trunks for the tenth time, and then dragged then to the side of the tent to be inspected by Mrs. Schroder. Since we were the first unit, we were inspected first, and ended up with an "excellent" from Mrs. Schroder. Then we all walked up to a lunch of macaroni and salad.

After we finished, we walked down to Equinita, put on our bathing suits and walked down to the waterfront. Jody and Kit went on the surfboard while Holly and Froggie went swimming. The water was beautiful. We were having fights on the boys backs in the water. That was fun. Then Jodie bathed in the sun with her shoe string bathing suit while we swam some more. After that, we walked up to camp and Jody, holly, Froggie, and Kit took a shower which was a blast. We sang and danced around in there. Then Jody and Froggie went up to the kitchen to get our food for the cookout. Meanwhile, Holly, and Kit looked for fire wood and a place to cook. The fire started with the first match and we had a blaze. Jody cooked the hamburgers which were delicious. Then we had marshmallows. Froggie's marshmallow fell in the fire a couple of times, and Holly kept swishing it around her mouth which was sick., Then since nobody liked the bug juice, we put the fire out with it. It was a blast of a day!

Kit Bowen

A Campers Day

At 7:15 Janice, the head counselor, sounds the bugle for us to get up. Most of us however, don't get up for 5 minutes. At 7:45, after count-off, we all troop up to the boys camp for breakfast. After breakfast, we clean our bunks for inspection. We then go to our first class which might be journalism, in which case, amidst many groans, we begin to put the Outlook together with Marilyn and Peedie to help us.

For 2nd period, some of us go to drama. We might decide what we should do for the Saturday night show, or just talk for the sake of talking.

Third class is swimming, after some coaxing, we finally get in the water. We swim a lap or two, each of us, for warm up, and then we specialize on one stroke. After swimming, we pile into the truck, and bum a ride up the hill to get ready for lunch. We walk up the rest of the hill to eat. After lunch, we have rest hour which is supposed to be quiet time, but sometimes it isn't.

Fourth period, the riders walk up the hill to the ring and get their horses, mount, and ride out to the ring. Char, Sue, Jo, or Chris stands there screaming at us to grip with our knees, sit up straight, keep our heels down, keep our hands off the saddle, and then to look between the horses ears.

Fifth period, for some, is free, but sixth period on Tuesdays, and Saturdays, we have photography. After our sixth period we have a free swim in which we can go swimming if we want to. After we come up from swimming, hopefully, via the truck, we go up to dinner. Then we have our evening activity which might be softball, or dramatics, or relay races. On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, we have canteen. After canteen or a campfire, Janice plays Taps. Some counselors read their campers stories and then they go to bed.

Jennifer Kurtz


Each week everyday, Camp Equinita has inspection of our cabins and duties. The highest grade you can receive for cabin inspection is 10 points. Here is the breakdown of those points:
4 pts . . bed
2 pts . . clothes line
1 pt. . . floor
1 pt. . . hangars
1 pt. . . grounds
1 pt. . . duty

So there is a possible 10 points for each cabin. The unit with the highest points for the week gets a special treat.

So far, here are the results:
Unit 1 . . . 10, 10, 10
Unit 2 . . . 9, 9 3/4, 9
Unit 3 . . . no results
Unit 4 . . . 7 1/2, 9 1/2, 9 1/2
Unit 5 . . . 9 1/2, 9 1/2, 10
Unit 6 . . . 9 1/2, 9 1/2, 10
Unit 7 . . . 9 1/2, 9 1/2, 10
Unit 8 . . . 10, 9 1/2, 10

Barbara Vilanova

Horses and Horseback Riding

There are around 30 horses and ponies at Camp Equinita. Some of them are very good. They are many different colors and types.

Instructor is a tanish brown horse. If he feels like working he will, if he doesn't, then he won't. He is very moody.

Impression is a black horse with white markings. He is one of the best jumpers. He has a very soft mouth too.

There are 4 riding groups, beginners, advanced beginners, intermediates, and advanced. On the first day of camp, you take a riding test to see which group you are in.

Brenda Hughes

An Interview With Jo Davies

What did you do after camp last year?

Well, I went to Vancouver with John Brearly and Lash, got broke, so I got a job. Then I went to San Francisco and stayed for a few days. Then we got a car and drove to Chris Bowen's house, and I went to school with her for a few days. Then I smashed the car in Cleveland, no one was hurt, but the car. Then I almost drowned in Niagra, and then went back to England for a year in school at Mancehster Poly Tech School of Art.

Margot Owett and Jenny Fleming


On June 28th, the girls went to the boys baseball diamond after supper. Jody and Beth were the team captains. Beth's team slaughtered Jody's team, 9 to 2. It was a great game. We found out who our sluggers were, Debbie D'Acunto, Holly Schroder, Jan Fellenbaum, Lynn Goldstein, Lauraine Scappatura, and Lilli Marcus. I just can't name any more. Everyone on Jody''s team was a real good sport.

Lilli Marcus


Every Friday night we have tournaments. This is when some people get together and played organized games. These games are played and then awarded a prize. We have to find a good prize. The games include Gin Rummy, Jacks, Tic-Tac-Toe, and many others.

Loree Hubbard

A Lone Little Daisy

across the field where
nobody goes, there
green grass grows tall
and a rushing pond
flows. a lone little
daisy can be seen
from by far as she
is surrounded by
green grass so far
she is all alone by
say and night
but her will power
makes it but
only the rough fright
but then one
fine day a new
friend is born
and she accepts him
as a friend
and to be ever sworn
now they live
in happiness
ever more
and every day is
a pleasure
for all the
years more

Lauraine Scappatura

Camp Fashion News

The fashion at camp this year are varied. For example, many of the girls are wearing hot pants. Some of them are wearing cut off dungaree shorts with striped shirts. It looks like a fashionable season at Camp Equinita.

Brenda Hughes

A Little Daisy

Daisies are crazy and sometimes
they're lazy they do nothing
all day but stand there and sway

but my little daisy is not
even lazy, she talks to me
all day my little daisy is

the smartest of all
that's why the sun shines
on her to make her
grow tall.

Lauraine Scappatura


It rains in the evening it
rains in the night, I think
rain is really out of sight.
Rain is not too heavy, rain is
not too light, I think that rain
is just about right.

Lauraine Scappatura