July 6, 1969 1st Issue The Official Newspaper of the Lower Camp

First Hike is a Practice

Flower Children March 5 miles

The Juniors went on the first major hike of the season last Wednesday afternoon - a 5 mile jaunt around the camp property past East Lake, Old Barn #2, Granny's House, the old burnt out forest.

This practice hike (which was more fun than practice) was designed to show campers how to hike in file on roads, space rest stops, conserve energy, and have fun.

Chris Schmutz began picking flowers along the road and started a "flower children" movement which soon found everyone with flowers in their belts, singing folk songs. David Hunt decorated himself with ferns while Jeff Marcus laced his shoes with daisy stems. The roads were strewn with flowers to show "that the good people of the Lower Camp were here."

Indian Tribe Prepares for 1969 Tests

It was a peaceful campfire last week with songs and Indian dances by old tribe members, marshmallows, a perfect fire with crackling, scented wood/ Hands were clapping, heads bobbing with the rhythm of dancing Indian feet. Suddenly a camper, Chip-Off Bloche, screamed: "Look at that! Look! What is it?" All heads turned and deep from in the woods a tall man walked toward the campfire. As he got closer it could be seen that he was wearing a blanket. A feather. Paint on the face. He approached without expression, looking forward, emotionless. The campers rose to their feet then fell to their knees as Head Counselor John Kocsis explained that Rhama, the Indian God of the Wood, was visiting the campfire. The honor was tremendous!

Rhama came to the fire and spoke. "I am Rhama. I have come from the wood to visit my favorite tribe, the Ichigumi Indians of Camp Susquehanna." Rhama explained to the campers that they could all join the Ichigumi Tribe if they passed the Indian Test. He asked who would like to take the test. Everyone stepped forward. Rhama looked at Mark Dixon. "Are you brave"" Rhama asked. Mark thought for a moment then sighed, "Oh Rhama!" Mark was overpowered with awe. Rhama then looked at Timmy Joyce (an old tribe member from last year) and said, "You. Are you brave?"
"Oh yeas, Rhama", said Timmy. "I'm an Indian already!" Rhama was very pleased. "All of you," he said, "are good people and shall succeed."

Rhama walked off into the forest, putting the old tribe members (David Adleson, Jim Hellman, Tim Joyce, David Hunt, Jeffrey Marcus, Todd Pardun) in complete charge again. Rhama was hailed and fare welled as he walked silently back into his secret campground.

The Tests

Indian tests will begin on July 5. The Indian Test is very symbolic and important to the young campers. On the evening of the test the camper being tested sets up a campground on the edge of the woods. He lays out his sleeping bag, canteen, flashlight, and calls an old tribe member to inspect the campground. Upon approval of the area the boy being tested is sent into the woods to look for a sign which tells him what the spirits wish his Indian name to be. A running rabbit, a soaring eagle, a falling twig might be a clue.

When the name is decided upon the tested returns silently to his campground to spend the night alone. If he is at the site in the morning, and has not returned to his unit, the camper has passed the test and will become a tribe member on July 17th. Allowance will be made for bad weather.

News in Brief

Jeff Marcus was found sitting on a red bar of soap and when quizzed as to what he was doing he said, "I found this magic egg and I'm trying to hatch it"...
Chris Schmutz won two candy bars for finding the most papers in a recent clean-up...
Unit 2 (Brent Myers - Counselor, Chip Harris, Mark Dixon, James Schmutz) is leading in points for unit inspection...
Much is owed to Tom Wexler's abilities in working with artists gimp. He assisted the crafts counselor, Gary Eikenberry, in a gimp session...
Mark Tabor has become an expert tree climber...
Kurt Sink and Jim Neilson are champions on the new game called "Sitting Duck".

Order of Indian Tests

Picked by Rhama

Chris Schmutz
Tom Wexler
Charles Harris
Kurt Zink
Jim Neilson
Chip Bloche
Jim Schmutz
Mark Dixon
Steve Schepps
Mark Tabor

Waterfall Trip Coming Up

Oh Beautiful Beauchene Falls!

Wednesday July 9, will be the day the Lower Camp hikes three miles to Beauchene Falls near New Milford. Watch for the next issue of the EAGLE-HAWK for details.

The Junior Campers made a huge get-well card for Michael Cernusca, brother of counselor John Cernsuca, after Michael suffered a broken leg in an auto accident. Michael thanks everyone.