July 6, 1969 1st Issue Camp Equinita, New Milford, Pennsylvania, 18834

Night of the Indians

To begin, we were told that we would have a Paul Bunyan hike. This is a race concerning a collection of wood. Our three piles of wood were judged by quantity and neatness. The race started with a whistle from the campcraft counselor, Elaine. The race lasted for 30 minutes. Elaine finished off the race with a blow from her whistle. We were then told to go to the lodge and wait for the judges to decide (Sue H., Sue F., Charlotte, Elaine, etc.) About 7 minutes passed before the counselors came into the lodge - Cabin 1 won.

We all went to the campfire to watch camper-stew and doughboys cook. We each cooked our own doughboys. Then we made fruit salad, and walking salad. When all the food was waiting and ready, we decided to eat in the lodge to avoid the bugs. The meal was a great success.

Preceding the meal, we gathered our sleeping bags and pillows and headed towards the woods to the Indian Ceremonial Grounds. We all found a place to sleep. Kim K. wound up sleeping next to an Indian burial stone. We noted Indian signs on the trees nearby. We climbed into our sleeping bags and we were told a story by Kathryn, a counselor. Near the end of the story, we heard the jingle of bells and the rattle of rattles beat. We all turned around and saw 2 Indians. One of them yelled SILENCE! Well, of course silence was soon there. The Indians presented the great chief. The chief told us that we must pass the test before we became squaws. Then he named us one by one. "Where are my gifts?" he asked. We took candy and handed it to him. We were then given the peace pipe for the first time in all the years. They left and all went quiet. We were told the end of the story by Kathryn and went to sleep.

In the morning we found new signs on the trees. Lilli and Cynthia told us they had seen Indians guarding us during the night. One by one, we gathered our thing and headed for Camp Equinita. It was a night we all enjoyed.

Kim Feuer and Jane Penziner

Equinita's Bag Dramatics

Sunday night, June 29th, 1969, the girls' camp, Equinita, had paper bag skits. We were put into three groups. Kim Koelle's group did advertising of Rice Krispies, living bras, and a Parker Pen. Sherry Hughes' group advertised deodorant, a pencil sharpener, and jewelry. Cynthia Tabor's group did a skit on a fisherman marrying a fish. It was really fun to see all the skits.

Cynthia Tabor

Fourth of July Program

On Friday, Camp Equinita had a fireworks display with Camp Susquehanna. We set off many fireworks. It was exciting. The counselors set them off.

Lynn Goldstein

Horsemanship and Riding

In Horsemanship classes we succeeded in learning how to saddle and bridle horses. We also learned to mount and dismount.

In riding there are two classes, the beginner class and the intermediate class. There are fourteen in the beginner class and two in the intermediate group. In the beginner class you walk around the ring for an hour. In the intermediate class we walk, trot and canter. Only one person jumps.

Kim Koelle and Ann Bruch


On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, we have canteen. In the canteen we can get candy, free postcards, stamps, hats, envelopes, toothpaste, shampoo and Kleenex. We have canteen in the lodge after lunch.


When most of the girls arrived at camp, we had our swimming tests. The test consisted of swimming two lengths of any one stroke between the dock and the lemon lines. It determined into what class each would be placed. Each of the girls is a swimmer, intermediate or beginner. There are 3 beginners, 8 intermediates and 5 swimmers.


Last Friday, some girls took canoeing the teacher was Elaine Ziegel. She said that in order to go on a canoe trip, we must both pass the test and take part in every lesson.

During all of last week, starting on Tuesday, most of the girls took the water skeeter test. The test consisted of paddling the skeeter in forty feet deep water, and fixing the chain back onto the gears after Elaine had taken it off. As a result, everyone passed the test.

Virginia Hellman

The Animal Corner

We have a nature den. It has lots of animals. So far we have one wood frog, three bull frogs, six small frogs and one turtle. We will get two rabbits soon.

One of our counselors was a fox. Also campers have seen deer, woodchucks, rabbits, and chipmunks in the woods.

A chipmunk was caught in a box trap and the camp's cat stared at it all day.

Hannah Hager

Our Hike

On Sunday we took a hike to a waterfall. It was four and a half miles. We rested every half mile because it was so tiring. Finally we got there and Kathryn was there with our dinner. Then we slid down the hill and got so dirty. We took off our shoes and got our feet wet. They said it was fun, so we asked Kathryn if we could get wet too. She said "No, only if you fall," so we fell on purpose. Then we ate. The truck didn't come so we started to walk back. Then we saw the truck and we all said, "Wait," but it went into a driveway. Our truck finally came and took us back to camp.

Margot Owett

Our Cat

We have a furry friend named "Samantha". She is black and white and runs under cabins. Samantha sleeps with different cabins. If you go to pet her she runs under cabins or up trees. She is called Sam for short, and in case she turns out to be a he.

Lynn Goldstein