June 29, 1969
Camp Susquehanna, New Milford, Pennsylvania 18834


The following additional boys, enrolled for the 1969 season at Camp Susquehanna, were not included in the list which was printed in the Winter-Spring edition of the "Lookout". We are pleased to extend a hearty welcome to the following:
Pierce Anderson, Babylon, New York; William Archer, Northfield, New Jersey; Chip and Gregg Bloche, Wyncote, Penna.; Eric Bononi, Greensburg, Penna.; Bruce Calvin, West Caldwell, New Jersey; Arturo Caraveo, Chihuahua, Mexico; Robert Dagit, Narberth, Penna.; Carlos Falomir, Chihuahua, Mexico; Ramy Harel, Forest Hills, New York; Charles Harris, College Point, New York; Richard Horvath, Livingston, New Jersey; Jeff Kemmerer, Phoenixville, Penna.; Mitchell Leisten, Forest Hills, New York; David Windt, East Norwich, New York; and David Wing, Elmira, New York, as well as Ignacio Ponte of Caracas, Venezuela.

To all new campers, and the sixty some boys from the 1968 season, and previous seasons, returning for this coming and present season, we are most pleased to extend this sincere welcome. Some we have not known as well as others, but this will quickly be corrected as the program gets under way, and names become associated with faces. Have fun.

The Lookout

Introducing the '69 Staff

Mr. Harvey Altman, Merrick, NY. Attending Advanced Institute of Science at Canaan, NH. Waterfront - Canoeing.

Mr. John Cernusca, Susquehanna, PA. Attending Mount St. Mary's Seminary, Emmitsburg, MD. - Dramatics and younger campers.

Mr. Paul Davis, Pittsburgh, PA. Graduate of Gannon College. Trip Counselor and Wildlife.

Mr. Richard Davis, Pittsburgh, PA. Attending Gannon College, Erie, PA Riflery, Fishing, and Wildlife.

Mr. Gary Eikenberry, Chenango Falls, NY. Attending Syracuse University. Crafts and younger campers.

Mr. Joseph Fili, Matawan, NJ. Attending Fordham University, NY. Head Riding Instructor.

Mr. Mickey Gutierrez, NY. Attending Union College, Schenectady, NY. Waterfront - swimming instructor.

Mr. Victor Hencken, St. Louis, MO. Attending University of Arizona, Tucson. Assistant Head Riding Instructor.

Mr. Eric Hill, Yorktown Heights, NY. Staff Aide.

Mr. Peter Hill, Vestal, NY. Waterfront - swimming instructor.

Mr. Bryce Kaspar, Dover, DE. Attending Wilmington College, Wilmington, OH. Sailing and waterfront.

Mr. Chris Kelly, Stanhope, NJ. Staff Aide.

Mr. William Kinney, Johnson City, NY, Program Office and Admin. Assistant.

Mrs. Hila Kinney, R.N., Johnson City, NY. Camp Nurse.

Mr. John Kocsis, Garden City, MI. Attending Wayne University, Detroit MI. Head Counselor younger campers.

Mr. Jack Lawson, Roanoke, VA. Attending Belmont Abby, Belmont, NC. Riding Instructor.

Mrs. Marilyn Lichtenstein, Hamden, CT. Administration Office.

Mr. Ed Lichtenstein, Hamden CT, Head Counselor older campers.

Mr. Erik Miller, Williamsport, PA. Attending Niagra College, Niagra, NY. Archery and Horsemanship assistant.

Mr. Dennis Moore, Pensacola, FL. Staff assistant younger campers.

Mr. Brent Myers, Ellicott City, MD. Attending Frostburg College, Frostburg, MD. Photography and younger campers.

Mr. Chris McMurray, West Caldwell, NJ. Staff Aide, Riding.

Mr. Scott Nemtzow, Short Hills, NJ. Staff Aide, Riding.

Mr. Harry Newman, Hazelton, PA. Attending North Carolina Weslyan College, Rocky Mount, NC. Head Counselor Intermediates.

Mr. David Patton, Endicott, NY. Attending Hudson Valley College, Albany, NY. Athletics and tennis.

Mr. Tom Rogers, Metuchen, NJ. Staff Aide, riding.

Mr. Joel Schmidt, Chevy Chase, MD. Graduate of Amherst College. Head Waterfront Director.

Mrs. Cathy Schmidt, Chevy Chase, MD. Graduate of Smith College. Spanish tutor.

Mr. Richard Taylor, Staten Island, NY. Attending Hiram Scott College, Scotts' Bluff, NE.

Mr. Clarke Walker, New Milford, NJ. Canteen Man.

Mr. Jim Weeks, Ardmore, PA. Graduate of Loomis School. Younger campers.

Mr. Michael Click, Pittsburgh, PA. Attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania at Indiana, PA. Athletics.

Mr. Michael Miner, Endicott, NY. Attending University of Florida, Gainesville, FL. General Counselor.

Junior Camp News

The Lower Camp opened on a hot, breezy day yesterday, June 28th, with 16 eager and active campers. Early arrivals began on Friday with veteran campers Todd Pardun, Timmy Joyce and Jeff Marcus. Mark Tabor and David Hunt were first to arrive on Saturday Morning, and signaled the beginning of a long train of campers coming in from all parts of the country and abroad. By dinner time most campers had arrived and were busy getting settled and to know each other during games or in the unit.

This years youngest boys, (formerly called Juniors) are living in what used to be the Intermediate Camp area. The units for the entire boys camp are blended from the youngest to the oldest, with the youngest starting in the Lower Camp. With this new arrangement, campers will be able to have activities with various age groups, as their skills and development warrant.

John Kocsis


The following is a list of the horses in the Susquehanna herd for the 1969 season. We apologize that we are unable to list the Horsemen along with the horses, but this was not available information at the time of printing.

About Time


Belle Amie

Bit O'Luck

Black Diamond



Desert Flower

Gambler's Choice

Gentleman Joe

Georgie Porgie

Golden Echo


Henry VIII




Kahn Du

Labor Law


Morning Squire


Party Line



Rojo Grande



Stock Market

Sweet William




Witch Doctor

Master William*




Bar Tender


* Privately owned horses

From the Director

Dear Friends:

After all these months of planning, preparing and anticipating, the 1969 camping season is here, and we want to welcome you all to Camps Susquehanna and Equinita. This first issue of the camp newspaper, the "Lookout" is an integrated issue, containing news items of Camp Susquehanna and Camp Equinita, due to the time factor. Camp Equinita will have its own newspaper in the future.

You counselors have been working out plans for the program for this summer and our calendar is beginning to show a fun-filled adventuresome eight weeks of camping. There are canoe trips, canoe races, horseshows and horseback trips, parades, hikes, contests, games, stage shows, and just not enough time to list all of them, or to get a more descriptive outline of them at this time. It will really be a full summer.

If you should have any ideas or suggestions for new activities, be sure to write them out and put them in the suggestion box located at the canteen. We are always glad to talk over the program with you, and to improve it by your suggestions if at all possible.

In the meantime, have a great time and thoroughly enjoy the summer at Equinita and Susquehanna.

We are really looking forward to spending the next several weeks with you.

The Schroders

Camp Equinita

Camp Equinita has taken over what was previously the Junior Camp section of Camp Susquehanna. The Staff has been busy all week, transforming it into a girl's camp. Equinita opens with sixteen charter campers and seven counselors. Everyone is enthusiastic about the establishment of Camp Equinita.

For opening day we have gone swimming and taken many hikes around camp. The Nature Den area is fast becoming stocked with snakes, frogs, and newts. On Sunday, a hike to a nearby waterfall is planned with a picnic supper. Our first overnight sleep out will be on Wednesday.

The following is a list of the staff and campers at Equinita:

Miss Chris Bowen, Holland, PA. Junior Counselor, assistant with riflery, tumbling and riding.

Miss Susan Filskov, Burlington, VT. Attending the University of Vermont in Burlington. Waterfront and assist with riding program.

Miss Susan Hayden, Harford, PA. Attending the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Arts & crafts, dramatics and modern dance.

Miss Kathryn Moore, Laurenburg, NC. Head counselor. Elementary school teacher in Laurenburg.

Miss Charlotte Norman, Coroapolis, PA. Head Riding Instructor.

Miss Vicki Penziner, White Plains, NY. Attending Ithaca College. Junior Counselor. Arts & crafts.

Miss Elaine Ziegel, Cincinnati, OH. Attending Wilmington College, Wilmington, OH. Waterfront and camp crafts.

The following girls comprise the charter campers of Camp Equinita. Many of these girls are the sisters of boys in Camp Susquehanna, and we extend a most welcome to you all. Have fun and enjoy Equinita.

Ann Bruch, Williamsport, PA; Lissa Lamade, Williamsport, PA; Jane Penziner, White Plains, NY; Kit Hellman, New York City; Kim Koelle, Wilmington, DE (Cabin 6)

Lilli Marcus, Syosset, NY; Cynthia Tabor, Reynoldsville, PA; Holly Schroder, Langhorne, PA (Tent 4)

Sharon Hughes, Binghamton, NY; Myra Morris, Great Neck, NY; Hannah Hager, Williamsport, PA; Kim Feuer, Roslyn, NY (Cabin 3)

Lynn Goldstein, Levittown, PA; Margot Owett, New York City; Betty Jean Galasso, Roslyn Harbor, NY; Laura Mitgang, Great Neck, NY (Cabin 1)

Additional girls, arriving later on are: Eileen Dagit, Narberth, PA; Marjorie Golub, Levittown, PA; and Nancy Morgan, Newtown, PA.

Supervising the overall operation of Camp Equinita is Mrs. Joyce Schroder. To her and all the young ladies of Camp Equinita, we repeat ourselves: Happy Camping!