August 18, 1967
Camp Susquehanna, New Milford, Pennsylvania, 18834

Swim Team at Scranton

On Tuesday, August 15th, six members of the Camp Susquehanna Swim Team visited Scranton to participate in the annual Swim Meet, sponsored by the evening paper, The Scranton Times.

Bill Espinosa, the little ten year old Venezuelan wonder, held the spectators spell-bound as he unleashed his talents to overcome his competitors who were much larger and older. Bill captured a first place in Boys' breast-stroke for boys 13 and under. Bill also won a medal in the boys 13 and under relay.

Clyde Sanders, Captain of the Swim Team, astonished the fans when swimming in the boys' breast or butterfly, for boys 14 - 16. Clyde swam breast stroke and trounced his rivals, to place first and to set a new pool record. Clyde also took a second trophy, swimming back stroke.

Julio Sosa also one of the Venezuelan swimmers, placed first in back stroke relay for boys 14 - 16. Julio also won a medal in the boys free-style. Diego Baptista won his medal when he finished third in the boys' free-style, 14 - 16.

Ralph Sanson won a medal placing second in boys' 100 yd. free-style, 14 - 16.

Jeff Altman suffered a defeat in boys breast stroke or butterfly, 16 - 18. Jeff was doing a very fast breast stroke but was not able to keep pace with the boys swimming the faster butterfly stroke - but it still made a fine showing for the boys and for the camp in this 50 yd. event.

Don Snyder
Swim Team Coach

National Horseshow

once again Susquehanna campers and staff members will meet at the National Horseshow in New York City for the matinee performance of the show, scheduled for Saturday, November 4th. This is an excellent opportunity to enjoy a fine horseshow in the company of campmates and friends. Recently, the announcement of this sponsorship of the National Horseshow was mailed to parents and friends. The camp is able to secure a block of tickets, but must have reservation for such tickets in the camp office by September 1st. Any reservations received after that date may not be with the group.

Those who desire reservations and tickets may do so by contacting the camp Administration Office, and by making remittance in the sum of $6.00 per ticket. Reservations for the evening performance may also be made if requested, at $9.00 per ticket.

Seniors on Cave Trip

On Wednesday, a group of Seniors left for Southern Pennsylvania, and an adventure of cave exploring (spelunking).

The first cave we went to was South Temple. A large entrance opens onto a slope inside the cave and leads to either of the two main sections of the cave. We first explored the extremely muddy large passage which slopes down to the mud room. It is a subway tunnel like passage, with a very muddy, slippery floor. After exploring several tight crawls in side passages, we went into the second section. Exploring this area involves climbing down a 15 ft. ledge, tight low crawls, over mud, and eventually coming up through a hole in the floor close to the entrance. We spent about two hours in this cave.

From South Temple, the group moved on to Dreibilbis, also located in Berks County in Southern Pennsylvania. This was a smaller cave than the one coming up, Schofers Cave, but more difficult. It had climbing narrow passages, which drop four feet at a time, pits, slides, and very beautiful crystal flowers, called anthodites. Again, parts of Dreibilbus was just as muddy as South Temple in the back sections, but most enjoyable.

The last cave to be explored was Schofer's Cave, located a short distance from our campsite. The entrance was under a ledge of rock with the rout moving through a narrow, twisting passage, until it reached a 10 foot drop into the large main room. Here an underground lake and hidden back room could be investigated. The rear of the cave ended in two deep pools of water, called Jacob's Wells. The exit from the cave was by means of an alternate twisting maze type passage about the starting point. Schofer's Cave is noted for the crystal clear water in the pools, though tremendous amount of rainfall this summer, did cause muddy conditions, so much so, some of the boys suggested that the best solution for their wet and mud streaked clothing was to simply discard it.

By this time, it was midnight. Some of the boys hastened through hot showers in the Old Dutch Mill Campsite, where we had parked and set up our camp. They all settled in for a good night's sleep. Up in the morning, we cleaned up, and after a delicious breakfast, we broke camp with the cave clothes and two tons of cave mud safely packed away. Looking like human beings again, we happily headed for home.

The group of boys on this trip were: David Phileo, Rolf Olsen, Clyde Sanders, Gerardo Sanson, Alejandro de Armas, Felix Miralles, Ernesto Sosa, Armando Plaz, Ralph Sanson, Julio Pocaterra, Harry Werkeiser, Chuck Reed, Rol Adey and the counselors, Len Billings and Cousin Ern.

Ernie Marquart

New Tribe Members

On Thursday evening, to the sound of a beating drum, the Susquehanna Indian Tribe announced its special selection of new tribal members, and four boys were taken from their units, to attend this special meeting.

On Friday, the new applicants, Clyde Sanders, Gregg Pardun, Al D'Acunto and Julio Sosa, underwent the customary induction ordeal, which they passed. They joined the other tribe members, Chris McMurray, Chris Kelly, Tom Rodgers and Scott Nemtzow, Sal Fili, Mark Judge, Peter Judge, T.C. Todhunter and Eric Hill in this tribal group. All of these boys will join in the final ceremony, which shortly heralds the close of the 1967 season.

Coming Events

Sunday, August 20th:
Overnight horseback trip - Seniors and Intermediates

Monday, August 21st:
Horsemen Banquet

Tuesday, August 22:
Camp Banquet and presentation of awards

Wednesday, August 23rd:
Closing day of regular camping season

Thursday, August 24th:
Opening day of Post Season

Zorro Saves Junior Camp

Last Thursday night was flushed with excitement in the Junior Camp. Upper camp counselor Bob (Moose Barret, suffering from mental upset, ran into the Junior clearing screaming - "Kill, Kill!" He attacked every cabin. Campers hid under beds or crawled deep into their sleeping bags in a vain attempt to escape the wrath of the mad Moose. Bradley Michelson pretended to be reading a comic book, and not to notice the spilling over of beds and the screaming campers. While Michael Fili begged Moose not to hurt him, Brian McIntyre crawled under his bed and shivered with fear. Noel Pyle, John Rose, and Michael Wallach huddled in the corner of their cabin and were not seen by Moose. Tent Two was the worse unit to be upset. Matt Feuer, Tyler Malcolm, and Jorge Poincot were forced to flee to other units through the back of the tent.

As Moose moved towards the counselors who were gathered in the clearing, a great rumbling was heard, and then a yell, and then Zorro, masked and entirely dressed in black, charged into the clearing on his sleek and famous black horse. He dismounted, and encountered the crazed Moose victoriously! The Juniors screamed on cheers of encouragement and support for the Masked Man. Moos was defeated and sent on his way with a "Z" cut in his back by Zorro's sword. Zorro saluted the ecstatic Juniors, jumped on his stallion, and disappeared into the forest. What an adventure.

It took two hours to get the campers to bed.

Bob Barrett later returned to the Junior Camp to explain that he was only acting violent to test the rumors that Zorro was in the area. His experiment worked. Zorro is in the area, but who is he. Some suspect that it is Diego Baptista, Venezuelan counselor. Others think is Mr. Schroder. There are even others who suspect Mary the Cook. Whoever you are Zorro, God Bless you.

John Kocsis

Kewanee Meet

The trip to Kewanee was a very enjoyable adventure. We arrived there at 3 P.M. and the meet started with Tennis and Riflery. Our Riflery Team, comprised of T.C. Todhunter, Roland Adey, Fred Shapiro, Chuck Reed and Andy Karasoff, scored a total of 205 points, and were victorious over the Kewanee Team which had 154 points.

In Tennis, the Susquehanna Team went down to defeat. Susquehanna's team was Andy Bershad, Jules Feuer, Chris McMurray and Jose Martinez.

After those two matches, the Baseball game was played. There was one run scored in the third inning, and the game went on with Kewanee scoring runs then, and finally ending up with a score of Kewanee 6 and Susquehanna 2.

Peter Kahn pitched a great game for Susquehanna, with the assistance of Harry Newman, Coach, and Len Billings, Assistant Coach. Team members are as follows:

Peter Judge - Catcher
Peter Kahn - Pitcher
Harry Werkeiser - First Base
Craig Seltzer - Second Base
John Treires - Shortstop
Ernesto Sosa - Third Base
John Stallings - Left Field
Julio Pocaterra - Center Field
Tom O'Donnell - Right Field
Substitutes: John Joyce, David Winkler and John Eisenberg.

The swimming Team, (which is described in the Scranton Meet) first entered a competitive meet with Kewanee. The boys swam well and was won by Kewanee by one point.

Harry Newman

From the Editor

As is usual, with this final edition of the Lookout, we like to squeeze a few lines to express our appreciation for the valued assistance and cooperation which we have received this summer, in assembling a weekly edition of camp news items. We are well aware, that without this consideration on the part of others, the paper could not be accomplished. Therefore, to each and all - those who prepared articles and news items, to those who helped with the physical work of printing and gathering the sheets together, - to all who helped in any way - our sincere thanks.

We are also very grateful to those who have made so many nice comments about the paper, and have offered suggestions for improvement. All of this is just great. Thank you.

In the months to come, before the 1968 season is upon us, various issues of the Lookout will be printed and mailed out. This will keep everyone in touch with news of camp. We hope you enjoy them as much as the regular summer issues.


Monday, August 4th, a group of 15 boys and staff, with 30 minutes of practice, went to nearby Montrose, and played a Soccer team from Montrose High School. Although their team was newly formed, they had the advantage of several practice games ad so developed coordination, and a fine edge. Susquehanna lost to a score of 4 - 0 but the boys played with some degree of skill. Our team had an average age of 14, while their opponents were 16 and 17. The boys who played were: Mike Bershad, Alejandro Siblesz, Julio Pocaterra, Alex Armas, Jose Martinez, Gerardo Sanson, Felix Miralles, Armando Plaz, Fred Shapiro, Marc Horwitz, and Vincent Henecken. Others who supported and coached the group were Julio Sosa, Rafael Sanson, Whitey Moselewski, also Craig Seltzer and Andy Bershad. Thank you boys, from Vin, who comprised the majority of the team - we showed Montrose we weren't pushovers.

Juniors Play Staff in Baseball

The annual Junior Camper-Counselor baseball game took place last week, with most curious results. In the game, six Junior Counselors played against all thirteen campers. The campers had four outs to the counselors two.

The first two innings were fast outs for both sides, with no runs. Even the powerful slugging of Mike Wallach, Matt Feuer, Brad Michelson, Juan Sosa, and John Rose, was useless against the experienced counselors. And likewise, the outnumbered counselors had little chance even for a base hit. Something had to give. And it did! For some strange reason, the counselors began to make some terrible errors, At the beginning of the third inning, the score for the campers shot up to 5 runs.

When at bat, the counselors team was just as bad as it was in the field, - they failed to score even one run.

For the duration of the game, the Junior Campers gained run after run after run. But sometimes second base or third base would disappear.; or a camper would trip mysteriously while running for home. Mike Fili and Eric Michelson were convinced that the counselors were cheating, but the umpire, head counselor, Bob Waters, would not swallow such a line. Just because counselor John Kocsis had disappeared with second base that was no reason to call John a cheater. If Peter Widmann wanted to hug Guillermo Espinosa while Guillermo ran to home plate, it was only because they liked him. Campers won, 35 - 0!?????

Harford Fair

At various times during the day on Friday, August 18th, camp vehicles carried counselors and campers to the nearby Harford Fair. This is an annual event, and was very much enjoyed by all. The Fair, which dates back to 1857, is primarily an Agricultural Fair, with nearby farmers vying for blue ribbons in exhibitions of cattle, horses, sheep, pigs, chickens, and other animals, as well as the usual farm produce.

Along with the farm exhibitions, there are the usual entertainment attractions, a Ferris wheel, Merry-go-round, etc. which attract everyone.

A sudden rain storm, breaking a record 9 days without a shower, at least in this immediate area of the camp site, brought the final Senior group scurrying back to camp.


In the past few weeks, a number of visitors have stopped by camp, renewing friendships, and again looking over a place very familiar to them, - Camp Susquehanna. Among these were Bill Helf, former Archery Counselor who had just completed ROTC training at Indiantown Gap, PA. Also on hand were Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Rice - Bob has over 10 years experience at camp here, and is now doing well in his practice on Long Island, as well as the new owner of a fine farm in Susquehanna County. Benton Bassett, a former camper and member of the swimming staff, going back to the 1950;s, passed by on a vacation trip, and is now doing legal work for the East Ohio Gas Company. Also stopping by on a surprise visit was Alex Swaab and his wife. Alex was a horseman for Scout in the late 1940's, and is now the new High School Principal at Norwich, New York, and hopefully we will see more of Alex now that he is nearby. Like always, it was great to see these old friends.