June 30, 1963 Issue #1 Camp Susquehanna, New Milford, Pennsylvania 18834

Indian Ceremonial

Saturday evening, June 29th, the whole camp met at the Intermediate Division Ceremonial Grounds for the annual opening Indian Council Fire Ceremonial. The Susquehanna Tribe, members of which are Willard Bright, Chief, Jeff Riedle, Medicine Man, John Edwards, Drummer; and Larry Rose, Joel Sheiman, Jeff Semar, all of whom participated in the ceremony.

After the calling of the Great Spirit for a happy and successful season, each key staff member and Head Counselor was introduced by Mr. Smith. The Head Counselors, then introduced the counselors of their respective divisions and a few words were said by each.

Coup sticks were distributed by the Chief of the Susquehanna Tribe to the various members. After the singing of Taps, the campers and counselors quietly returned to their units. The 1963 Season under way.

Program Highlights This Week

Sunday - June 30th
9:00am - Sunday Services
2:15pm - Horseman Ride
7:15pm - Boating Period - Juniors

Monday - July 1st
7:15pm - Woodcraft Instruction

Tuesday - July 2nd
2pm - Intermediate Covered Wagon Trip
7pm - Horsemen - Overnight Horseback Trip

Wednesday - July 3rd
2pm - Group Photos
5pm - Cookout

Thursday - July 4th
7pm - Junior - Intermediate Baseball Game
7pm - Seniors & Intermediate Horseback Overnight Trip
9pm - Fireworks

Friday - July 5th
7pm - Boxing and Wrestling
9pm - Horsemen - Director's Inspection

Saturday - July 6th
7pm - Carnival

Sunday - July 7th
9am - Sunday Services
2pm - Horsemen Overnight Horseback Trip
7pm - Juniors - Boating Period

Welcome - 1963

June 28th was truly a big day at Camp Susquehanna, the climax of many months of preparation and anticipation. I want to sincerely welcome with great pleasure the splendid group of campers and staff of this 1963 season.

Susquehanna is at capacity enrollment, the campers and staff consisting largely of those who have been here in other seasons.

The program has been enlarged and enhanced in many ways - the result of continual research calculated ways to improve. Then, as always, the program is one of genuine camping, with opportunity for self-expression and emphasis upon the activities for which there is little or no opportunity at home. The Award system is as comprehensive and encouraging as we can offer.

1963, like preceeding seasons, is not without its physical improvements. Old campers have marveled at the many changes in recent years.

There is this year a newly constructed Riding Ring located on the front section of the riding field. Built of commercially treated posts and boards, and with an In Gate and one Out Gate, it represents a magnificent addition to Camp facilities and will be enjoyed by everyone. Of similar construction, the Paddock area was enlarged and built to accomodate the horses. A new Judge's stand was also erected near the Riding Ring. in other ares of the camp program and buildings, new appliances were added to aid in providing benefits and advantages offered in Susquehanna's unique camping experience. Campers are quick to notice the meticulous maintenance, characteristic of Susquehanna, - freshly painted buildings with well kept grounds and equipment.

In the herd of horses maintained by the camp, there are seven or eight new ones this year, the total comprising a fine and well broken string of horses.

It is our hope and aim that every camper will enjoy and benefit from this season, and will derive endutring values from his associations and experiences.

Robert T. Smith


Brian Rogers . . . . June 29th
W. Van Veenendaal. . July 1st
Jose Luis Guevara. . July 3rd
Mrs. Pearson . . . . July 4th
Charles Thavenot . . July 5th
George Bernheimer. . July 8th


On June 18th, a very pleasant ribbon cutting ceremony was held on the Riding Field inaugurating the completion of the new riding ring. The Camp Secretary, Mr. Pease, made a few opening remarks, cut the ribbon and Mr. Smith entered and made the initial cirlce with his horse "Dusty". Mr. Quattrocchi accepted the Riding Ring on behalf of the Riding Staff of the 1963 Season and for all those who assisted with the program in preceeding years. Refreshments were distributed.

The Following is a List of Horses of the 1963 Season, and Horsemen

Aitken, J. (Own horse)
Altman, J. Volkswagen
Aronson, R. Black Diamond
Bell, Ricky Gambler's Choice
Berkow, G. Amos
Breyre, C. Smokey
Bright, B. Springtime
Buxbaum, J. Tinkerbell
Casner, B. Skyris
Cryer, D. My Fair Lady
Edwards, J. Champion
Gerson, J. Golden Echo
Gindhart, B. Why Not
Goeckler, B. Sweets
Halle, N. Patches
Jarman, T. Princess
Jonas, D. Devil's Ghost
Kille, D. Red Sun
Kimmel, B. Hurgo
Lawson, J. Fugitive
Morgan, L. Gray Boy
Pardun, B. Jelly Belly
Ponerantz, M. Scout
Rogers, B. Amber
Rose, L. Chunk
Rose, R. General
Schallek, B. Georgie Porgie
Semar, J. Sandy
Sheiman, J. Jack
Shivers, J. Commander
Silverman, M. Shady Lady
Transue, A. Flash
Zurick, B. Quincy