What Happened to Camp Susquehanna

The camp was sold to a large real estate investment trust (REIT) in 1990 and then shuffled between several subsidiaries until it was determined unsuitable for the development of a discount outlet mall. It was subsequently sold to local developers who sold at auction anything that didn't have a foundation. They
haphazardly chopped up the property into several small parcels with the idea that people would purchase lots as personal camps. The prime lots sold immediately including the lake frontage, the barns, the riding field and the stage. The other pieces, including the main camp, were more difficult to move but eventually sold. The main area of camp has been converted into a campground, The Camp at East Lake. The owner is very enthusiastic and has made several infrastructure improvements as well as interesting modifications.

All of the plumbing and electric have been removed and replaced. All remaining cabins have been moved into the Intermediate (Lower) Clearing. The Senior (Upper) Clearing is laid out into 12 RV lots with full hookups. The plans - and the Board of Health Occupancy Permit remaining from the children's camp - allow for 125 sites. There has been local opposition to the "change in use" of the property and there have been many hurdles in the process. The kitchen has been converted into an arcade and snack shop. The washroom where the coolers and Godzilla were located has been converted into 6 bathrooms with showers. The kitchen attic is a workout room. The roof of the dining hall collapsed in the late 90's and was repaired in 2002. The dining hall is now a rec hall with couches, billiards, ping pong, a stage area, and a mini-theater. There is a pavilion erected between the Infirmary and tennis courts with plans for a swimming pool. The tennis courts are now a volleyball court and horseshoe pit. There is a new road cut to the lake. The campground owns water frontage from the old outhouse over to the second section of fence along the old camp waterfront. He offers swimming and boat rentals.

The person who purchased the stage property built a house which can't be seen from Old Harmony Road. It is near the lake road in the woods between the stage and the Jr. camp. The stage is now his workshop. Jack, from Jack-a-Harts in New Milford retired and purchased the riding field. He has made a nice homestead there with barns and pastures. He purchased the Junior Camp and waterfront when it came up for resale a few years ago. One of the lake cottage families purchased a lot of the undeveloped property behind the lake cottages. The lower pasture, pasture 3, and the polo field (including the dump) were sold to various people who built homes. The barns were purchased by a former camper who converted the 18-horse barn into a house. No kidding. It's a very nice house. And he uses the 'D' barn as an office/shop. You will find more houses and log-style cabins scattered about along Old Harmony Road and around Barn #2.

The place looks quite a bit different, but some things are the same. The campground owner is very nice and has maintained a "camp" theme with the campground. He enjoys meeting people who were involved with the camps so if you are passing by, be sure to stop in and say hello.